Living in minimalist or small homes. How to do it?

Living in minimalist or small homes. How to do it?

The high price of apartments has made more and more people in large cities lean towards minimalist and small homes. These mini-flats can have the advantages of being more cozy, economical, easier to clean or have a better location.

But, The big problem with minimalist homes is maintaining order, and even more so when you have children.. Furthermore, to live in these houses you have to be inventive to take advantage of all the spaces and be original in the decoration. A good solution to have extra space is rent an urban storage room close to home, in Eurotrasteros We have stores in several strategic locations in Madrid.

How to maintain order in minimalist homes?

Below we explain some very practical tips, that will make you maintain order in your small home and that the time you stay in it you will be more comfortable.

  • Take advantage of every corner of the house. You have to keep in mind that all the spaces inside your home are usable, such as that space behind a partition or the corners of kitchen compartments or closets.
  • Drawers under the bed. Beds or sofas with built-in drawers allow you to store clothes, shoes or utensils that you use less. Of course, it is important that everything you store is in an orderly manner to optimize this space as much as possible. This is an essential type of furniture for living in small homes. If you decide to buy this type of bed, you can save the previous one in one of the storage rooms for rent in Madrid that we offer you. Our spaces are made so that all types of belongings can be stored, from small objects to furniture.
  • Baskets. You can use baskets to store smaller objects and not have them in the middle of the house, use labels to identify them so you know what is in each one of them. Having your belongings stored is key to having order in your home.
  • wall to wall cabinets. Walls can contain large cabinets to make the most of wall space. Within it Shelves can be placed to keep all clothes in order.
  • Shoemakers. Shoes are one of the objects that take up the most space and that The more we have at home in disarray. With a shoe rack you can have them all located.
  • Storage rooms. Rent a storage room It is a great solution to have a small and tidy design home. In these spaces you can store clothes that are not in season, electronic devices, Christmas ornaments, furniture and a collection of comics or magazines. Also if you practice sports you can store your bicycle, skis or snowboard. In Eurotrasteros all our spaces have high security measures the 365 days of the year so that you can leave these objects of high economic value without problem. A storage room will allow you to give air to your home and not be burdened with buying something and not having it fit into your home.

In recent years, the demand for storage rooms has increased significantly due to the fact that the People are increasingly living in small houses., in which they cannot store all their belongings. So if you want to keep your objects safe and have your home tidy, you can opt for one of our storage rooms for rent in Madrid .

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