Summer, time for home renovations

Summer, time for home renovations

The months of July and August are favorable months to carry out those home renovations that we have been postponing for so long at home. From small arrangements to large works of comprehensive reforms, the summer months are usually the time chosen by the vast majority of Spaniards to redecorate their home.

The good weather and above all, the more leisure time They make summer the ideal time to consider a renovation.

However, there are certain limitations when carrying out a reform work at home if we choose the summer months. In August, some warehouses are usually closed for holidays so the delivery of materials may be delayed. Likewise, contractors and city hall staff to issue licenses may be on break, thus slowing down the process.

Be that as it may, if we have decided to continue with our reform work we will surely need a space to temporarily store furniture and belongings so that they do not get stained, so that they do not take up space and, ultimately, so that they can reform comfortably. In that circumstance, rent a storage room It can be very opportune.

Storage rooms to expedite your reform

If you live in Madrid, you can rent a storage room in Madrid center in a way easy and fast. With only three clicks, you will have reserved your storage room. In the same way, we have solutions self storage in others locations like Alcobendas.

We know that the added stress of undertaking A renovation at home is accompanied by the worry of what to do with all your things lie so much. That's why, count on a storage room where you can safely and comfortably store all your belongings while you carry out the setup of your home is a good solution.

For your renovation project to be a success, the key is in the planning. If before starting you have everything tied up, you know what you want to do and how far you can go with your budget, you will save money, time and many unforeseen events. If in this planning you include what to do with your furniture, decorative objects and belongings during the time the renovation lasts, your project will go swimmingly.

Don't think twice, if you still had any doubts about whether to do a home renovation, go ahead!

Stock management in an online store

Stock management in an online store

Do you have your own online store and are you worried about the storage of your merchandise? Do you have an office but need warehouse space for stock? Are you worried about storage logistics? Yes that's how it is, that the management of the stock of your products does not give you a headache.

Service storage room rental is also made for professionals. Yeah You thought that renting a storage room was just to find extra storage space. storage at home, you are very wrong. In Eurotrasteros have solutions of specific storage for freelancers and SMEs.

If there is a fundamental element for an e-commerce, it is its storage capacity. And it is that For an online store it is essential to have adequate product storage in this way, facilitate and streamline the order preparation processes. For this reason, there are many who seek storage rooms to store stock of online stores. In addition, the versatility of these spaces allows another module to be rented during times of greater sales load.

Characteristics of a storage room for professionals

One of the first premises to take into account must be proximity. The distance between the storage and your office will be essential when you have to ship merchandise. In case of any unforeseen event with the shipping company or the products, the proximity of the storage room will allow you to solve the problem faster and offer an immediate response to your client.

Space is another aspect that you should take into account. If you don't know how much storage space you need, we offer you one space calculator so that you can quickly and easily get an idea of what type of storage room to rent.

If your online store has small objects or, on the contrary, larger objects, You should think about the placement and organization of the space.

In this sense, the size of the storage room is not everything. Make sure that access is comfortable, that they provide goods transport systems such as forklifts and pallet trucks and that the storage place is not at risk of flooding or humidity. Many stores have ruined stock due to water problems in their storage location.

Last but not least, you will have to take security into account. Make sure that when you rent your storage room, it offers all the security guarantees. For this, it will be necessary Check the protection of the storage room door as well as the general space.

Having surveillance should be a priority, either through a person in charge of surveillance or with video cameras for that function. Only in this way, you will be able to deposit your stock without any doubts. It is also convenient that find out if the chosen center has any type of insurance. This way, in the event of theft, your products will be protected. These are some of the best tips for managing stock and ensuring that all your products are always perfect.

Eurotrasteros launches new website

Eurotrasteros launches new website

At Eurotrasteros we are launching. Our new website is now available, with all the necessary information so that rent a storage room in Madrid be a piece of cake.

Whatever your need for space, at Eurotrasteros we have solutions for all cases. From one meter and up to 120 m2 in storage rooms in Madrid center and Alcobendas. Accessible, clean, dry spaces with all the necessary security measures to make storing your belongings a comfortable and efficient experience.

Why do I need a storage room?

Family structures and, therefore, Homes have changed a lot in recent years.. With increasingly fewer family models (individuals, couples or families with only one child), homes have been adapting, offering fewer square meters of living space and, however, providing more space to the common areas for enjoyment. of the owners.

Hence, the need has arisen to have extra space for storage, what we call today. solutions of self storage.

How to rent a storage room?

One of the premises to take into account is the proximity of the storage room to your home. In Eurotrasteros We have several centers in Madrid capital as well as in Alcobendas. Once you have chosen the most convenient center, take a good look at the security measures they offer as well as the customer service. It must be impeccable.

By phone or through a contact form, you can request a quote adjusted to your needs.

What can I store in my storage room?

From the children's bicycles or your surfboard to the furniture in your house while you wait for your new home to be delivered. In your storage room you can store everything you need.

It makes sense to save those things that we use less as well as those that have seasonal use, such as seasonal clothing or winter sports equipment, For example.

A storage room is talso an ideal solution for bulky items, which although they can enjoy more regular use, their size makes independent storage necessary. This is the case of bicycles and scooters or that extra mattress in case you have a visitor at home.

Your storage room in 3 clicks

Did you know that from now on, on our website, you can rent your storage room in 3 clicks? This is one of the many new features that we offer you at Eurotrasteros. As quick and easy as accessing our page, choosing the appropriate storage room and making the payment. Just three steps and your storage room will be reserved.

Storage rooms for professionals

Do you have a company or are you self-employed? A storage room is also the ideal solution to free up the space you need in your office or warehouse. Surplus stock, merchandise, signage and advertising material... whatever you need to save, a storage rental center in Madrid can offer you solutions for your company.

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