Living in minimalist or small homes. How to do it?

Living in minimalist or small homes. How to do it?

The high price of apartments has made more and more people in large cities lean towards minimalist and small homes. These mini-flats can have the advantages of being more cozy, economical, easier to clean or have a better location.

But, The big problem with minimalist homes is maintaining order, and even more so when you have children.. Furthermore, to live in these houses you have to be inventive to take advantage of all the spaces and be original in the decoration. A good solution to have extra space is rent an urban storage room close to home, in Eurotrasteros We have stores in several strategic locations in Madrid.

How to maintain order in minimalist homes?

Below we explain some very practical tips, that will make you maintain order in your small home and that the time you stay in it you will be more comfortable.

  • Take advantage of every corner of the house. You have to keep in mind that all the spaces inside your home are usable, such as that space behind a partition or the corners of kitchen compartments or closets.
  • Drawers under the bed. Beds or sofas with built-in drawers allow you to store clothes, shoes or utensils that you use less. Of course, it is important that everything you store is in an orderly manner to optimize this space as much as possible. This is an essential type of furniture for living in small homes. If you decide to buy this type of bed, you can save the previous one in one of the storage rooms for rent in Madrid that we offer you. Our spaces are made so that all types of belongings can be stored, from small objects to furniture.
  • Baskets. You can use baskets to store smaller objects and not have them in the middle of the house, use labels to identify them so you know what is in each one of them. Having your belongings stored is key to having order in your home.
  • wall to wall cabinets. Walls can contain large cabinets to make the most of wall space. Within it Shelves can be placed to keep all clothes in order.
  • Shoemakers. Shoes are one of the objects that take up the most space and that The more we have at home in disarray. With a shoe rack you can have them all located.
  • Storage rooms. Rent a storage room It is a great solution to have a small and tidy design home. In these spaces you can store clothes that are not in season, electronic devices, Christmas ornaments, furniture and a collection of comics or magazines. Also if you practice sports you can store your bicycle, skis or snowboard. In Eurotrasteros all our spaces have high security measures the 365 days of the year so that you can leave these objects of high economic value without problem. A storage room will allow you to give air to your home and not be burdened with buying something and not having it fit into your home.

In recent years, the demand for storage rooms has increased significantly due to the fact that the People are increasingly living in small houses., in which they cannot store all their belongings. So if you want to keep your objects safe and have your home tidy, you can opt for one of our storage rooms for rent in Madrid .

Storing clothes in the storage room: practical advice

Storing clothes in the storage room: practical advice

More and more we tend to keep clothes in the storage room, either because what is not in season does not enter the home, because we want to preserve the garments of great sentimental or economic value or store them to give them in the future to a family member, as can happen with baby clothes. Thus, It is important to know how to store clothes in a storage room for rent so that it remains in good condition while stored.

As store clothes in the storage room?

The first thing you should do to storing clothes in the storage room is washing them, but without fabric softener or bleach. This way You will prevent bad odors from developing in the clothes. It is also It is important that it dry well before storing it.

Clothes should not be ironed. as this can cause it to yellow over time as it does not air out.. Finally, you must make sure that the clothes after washing do not continue with stains, because it will be more difficult for them to go away in washes later.

With the clothes ready to be stored in the storage room, You have to choose a container for it. It is best to use specific boxes for storing clothes. This way you will be able to keep the garments in the best condition. Cardboard boxes can also be used, placing the heavier clothes on the bottom and the lighter ones on top. In Eurotrasteros We have shelves in our rental storage rooms to make it more convenient to store boxes of clothes.

If you want your dresses, coats or suits not to fold, you can opt for wardrobe boxes.. They will be well protected and will not deform. On the contrary, jerseys should never be hung. While, if you prefer that your clothes take up as little space as possible in your storage room, we recommend airtight bags to store clothes, although this way they can deteriorate.

Delicate clothing is recommended to be wrapped in tissue paper, so they can breathe better. What should never be used to store clothes are plastic bags, since the clothes do not breathe inside them and mold could appear.

It is important that, when we put away the clothes, let's do it in the correct container to classify it by the type of garment. This will make it easier for you to identify it later.

In Eurotrasteros We have storage rooms of all sizes, from 1 to 11 m², so you can hire them depending on the number of boxes or bags you want to store. We have different mini-warehouses, which are perfect for storing your garments in an orderly and easy-to-identify manner.

Our service can be contracted from one month in duration, to whatever you need. In addition, for greater comfort, we have three storage centers in Madrid capital. They are located in the Alcala street And in the zones of ambassadors y Beautiful valley.

Now that you know how to store your clothes in the storage room, You just have to enter our website to reserve the storage room what you need, extra space and store your clothes.

How to store my bicycle in the center of Madrid

How to store my bicycle in the center of Madrid

Riding a bicycle is a very beneficial activity for anyone who practices it, it has a large number of advantages in terms of health and physical fitness. This has made more and more people decide to take the bike in Madrid and take a tour of the various routes that exist. The problem is, how to store my bike in the center of Madrid? Most of the houses in the capital are very small and do not have a storage room or terrace to store it.

The solution to this problem of storing a bicycle in the center of Madrid is to rent a urban storage room, which are fashionable in big cities in recent years. In Eurotrasteros, We have spaces in three different neighborhoods of the capital, such as Alcalá street, ambassadors y Beautiful valley. In addition, our storage rooms have security 365 days a year, to prevent any type of theft of this type of object.

How to store a bicycle in little space?

The best way for a bicycle to take up little space in a storage room is to install a support or vertical hook. So the bike will be placed vertically on the wall. Also, it will be easy to get the bike off the hook for weekly or monthly use. This hook adapts to all types of bikes, even those with fenders.

While if you are not concerned about space, you can install a horizontal hook on the wall and leave the bike in a horizontal position and without touching the ground. What we do not recommend is leaving the bike leaning against the wall because it will end up on the ground. We also advise you to buy a cover, which protects it well from dust and pollution. So it will be pristine every time you use it.

Another option if you are going to use the bicycle every long time is remove the front wheel and store it in a bag, and that occupies less space in the storage room.

We also advise you that When you store your bike in the storage room, make sure the tires are well inflated, so that you do not find any punctured or deflated wheels when you go to use it. Also, if you want to keep the metal of your bike in perfect condition, you can apply a specialized product.

In a storage room for rent You will also have space for store your equipment and the necessary tools to fix the bike in case you have any problem. This way you will have everything at hand when you decide to go for a ride on the weekend and enjoy the great benefits of taking the bike.

Don't forget that Cycling has many health benefits. of a person, such as lowering blood pressure and improving lung capacity and basal metabolism. While in the physical field, it allows us to increase our physical resistance, eliminate fat in the legs and abdomen and strengthen the buttocks.

Also, now that spring is here and the good weather is here and the evenings are stretching out until dinnertime, it's the perfect time to go cycling. And thus enjoy the city, its parks and the various routes that are in it. Hence You already know how to store the bicycle in the center of Madriddon't waste time and reserve your storage room in the capital.

Urban storage rooms, the solution to have extra space

Urban storage rooms, the solution to have extra space

One of the biggest problems of homes in Madrid capital is the little space they have to store belongings, but with the urban storage rooms you already have it solved. These spaces are booming in Spain and have grown significantly, especially in urban centers.s of big cities in recent years.

Previously, the storage rooms were located on the outskirts of the cities, but now people's need to have extra space close to home has caused these places to increase. In Eurotrasteros years ago we appreciated this need of the people and we created three centers in strategic places of the capital such as the Alcala street and the area of ambassadors y Beautiful valley.

This need to have an urban storage room has also been influenced by the fact that having a home with a storage room in the capital of Madrid is almost a luxury. Only 15% of the apartments in the center have these storage spaces. And the fact that robberies in these places have increased has also caused their increase.

Advantages of having an urban storage room in Madrid

Every day we Spaniards have more clothes, more electronic devices, more things in general, which translates into a problem saving them. But with an urban storage room this will be solved. You will continue to keep belongings with sentimental value such as a collection of books or furniture from a family member.

You can also save clothes that are not in season or those that we have already stopped wearing and that we can use again in a few years when they are in fashion again. Or even if you practice a sport, you can store a bicycle and be able to use it on Sundays to go on a route. In our spaces Eurotrasteros You can store a bicycle or any valuable material, since they have surveillance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and they have high security measures.

another of the advantages to have a urban storage room in Madrid is that the high price of rents means that people are constantly changing homes, and if you move to a furnished apartment and have your own furniture you can store it in these spaces. Or vice versa, if you rent your home you can keep some furniture with sentimental value that you don't want your tenants to damage.

rent a urban storage room in Madrid It will also allow you to have more space in your home, which It will make the time you spend there more comfortable. You will no longer have the pressure not to buy something because it doesn't fit into the house.

Eurotrasteros, the best storage solution in Madrid

In Eurotrasteros We have three centers in Madrid capital. Storage rooms in the Alcalá street, and in the areas of ambassadors y Beautiful valley. Furthermore, we have storage rooms in Alcobendas for those people who live in the northern area of ​​Madrid. All our spaces comply with the regulations for urban storage rooms, since there are a series of requirements that must be taken into account before starting a storage room rental business.

The spaces of Eurotrasteros cThey have shelves and different furniture, so that all types of belongings can be stored.. Another advantage of our centers is that they have an extra service for transferring belongings to your home. In addition, you can reserve the storage room online, so you will not have to travel to our offices.

so if you want give more space to your home in Madrid and join this boom in urban storage rooms you just have to choose the space closest to your home. What are you waiting for?

Are you looking for storage rooms in Alcobendas? Eurotrasteros has the solution

Are you looking for storage rooms in Alcobendas? Eurotrasteros has the solution

If you are looking for a storage room rental in Alcobendas, in Eurotrasteros we have the solution. We have spaces of all sizes, from 1m² to 11m², so you can hire them based on your needs.

He rental service Euro storage rooms in Alcobendas It is the ideal solution for your company and is located in a business area. Yeah your office has become too small, you will be able to store all those company documents what do you want Keep on, and I also know offers this service to local commercials that need extra space to store their products.

Los storage rooms are also a good alternative in companies to store stock, merchandise or tools. You can rent the space for as long as necessary, with no strings attached. can limit the operation of your company and dispose of them when necessary. necessary.

Besides, thanks to our storage service in Alcobendas You will not have to go to the center of Madrid para guardar tus pertenencias. Contarás con un lugar en esta localidad en el que mantener a buen recaudo tus objetos.

A of the great advantages of our center of Euro storage rooms in Alcobendas is that it is attached to the network of storage Última Milla, which allows us to have an extra service for transferring belongings to a site of this town or of Madrid centro.

Advantages of our storage rooms in Alcobendas

A la hora de seleccionar un trastero hay que tener en cuenta varios factores, como la ubicación, medidas de seguridad de las instalaciones, cómodo acceso con el vehículo o la calidad de los acabados del espacio. and the spaces of Eurotrasteros cumplen estas condiciones. Tienen un fácil acceso para coches, pequeños camiones y furgonetas. Además, para una mayor seguridad los trasteros están vigilados durante 24 horas y los 365 días al año. Disponen de alarma de incendios y de intrusión conectada con central de alarmas y de bomberos y las mejores medidas de seguridad para tu total tranquilidad.

For greater comfort, our storage rooms alcobendas They have long business hours. from 9 in the morning until 8 p.m. While Saturdays remain open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.. These extensive schedules mean that in the event of any unforeseen event, you have on hand and Close to home or business, everything you need. You just have to get closer to your storage room!

The spaces of Eurotrasteros They are totally private and independent, They have shelves and different furniture, since these spaces are Made so that all types of belongings can be stored. You can add square meters to your contract combining different mini-warehouses, helping you order the goods.

In Euro storage rooms Alcobendas also We offer service to individuals. In our space you can store everything what you currently do not use or things with sentimental value. Tea will allow you to get a good organization at home or have much space free again in the house. You can keep belongings of economic or sentimental value and objects that you will need in the future.

Also You may find yourself needing to have a storage room for reasons of cause older, like when we abandon a home with our furniture or we make a move. Therefore, it is ideal to be able Leave all your belongings in a space where they are safe and secure. extensive security measures.

If you are looking for a rental storage rooms in Alcobendas Hurry up and don't wait until you are left without a safe place to store your belongings.

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