Ready for a wardrobe change? Better with a storage room

Ready for a wardrobe change? Better with a storage room

The mornings and nights begin to get colder, the days warmer. short and routine is established in our lives again, an unmistakable sign that autumn is already here. And with it, the dreaded wardrobe change. Keep all the summer clothes and accessories and take out the sweaters, blankets and boots It is usually an arduous task, which we postpone again and again.

Autumn has its lovers and detractors. To those in love with bucolic landscapes dotted with reddish, amber and ocher colors are joined by the who consider it a tragedy to think about sweaters and coats. However, both go through the same drama: autumn wardrobe change.

He biggest problem What we face in these cases is the lack of space... where do we put all those boxes full of clothes? He rent from a storage room Is the best solution.

Advantages of changing the closet: there is a positive side!

Of course there is a positive side! The wardrobe change it is the climax of order for lovers of cleanliness and organization. It is a blank canvas to start distributing, ordering, folding and creating. sections: sweaters on one hand, accessories on the other…

It is the best way to rediscover clothes that you had forgotten. What can you tell me about the emotion you feel when you open a box and find that coat you didn't remember you had? And on top of that, it suits you!

Yes during the summer stored all the clothes in a storage room that you rented for the occasion, you will recover your belongings in perfect condition.

September is also a month of new beginnings, of good purposes and face the wardrobe change with that attitude will be like him kick-off to a new season.

Tips to perform autumn wardrobe change

Now that you see the positive side of changing your wardrobe, let's move on to the practical part: Tips for getting down to work a great plan.

  • The organization begins with the elimination”. That is one of the fundamental concepts of Marie Kondo, the Japanese guru of order. Take advantage of the change of season to honestly analyze your clothes and decide: if you haven't used it for a while and you doubt whether you will wear it, when in doubt, throw away or donate.
  • Set aside what you go to keep. Sí, es cierto que todavía estamos en época de entretiempo, que durante el día puede que haga calor y que el veranillo de San Miguel es, como su propia palabra indica, una extensión del clima estival. Sin embargo, ten claro que hay prendas que seguro que no vas a usar: shorts, bañadores, sandalias… Ha llegado el momento de buscarles un sitio donde almacenarlos y rent a storage room para guardarlos es una solución idónea.
  • Almacena correctamente.The Most of the clothes you store will go in boxes. It is recommended that you double the clothes so that they bulge as little as possible, for example with vertical folding. AND above all, that the boxes have an airtight seal so that the clothes do not catch odors or humidity. Although if you decide to store the boxes in a storage room like the ones we offer you in Eurotrasteros, You won't have to worry about anything. You clothes will be perfectly stored.

As you can see, good planning and having extra help such as rental of a storage room nearly home, they will make changing your wardrobe less of a problem.

Advantages of renting a storage room if you are self-employed

Advantages of renting a storage room if you are self-employed

Renting a storage room has become an essential tool for both self-employed workers and SMEs. The lack of space in the workplace, even the lack of an office as such, makes looking for other types of storage solutions essential. It is there where he rental of a storage room becomes the best solution for professionals.

Self-employed people have to deal with a multitude of situations in which lack of space is a real problem: archive documentation and accounting; store stock; store machinery or furniture…

He rental of a storage room for professionals not only is it a relief in terms of storage space but it also It is a solution that will save you costs and unproductive times. As? We explain it to you.

Renting a storage room: just the space you need

No more no less. With our space calculator you can know in a comfortable, simple and fast way how many meters you need depending on your needs.

We have storage rooms of all sizes, so that finding the formula that best suits you is easy.

Besides, By renting a storage room you will have full flexibility at any time to modify the space, changing to a larger or smaller storage room depending on your specific needs, something that you cannot do if you rent a place to store your things (in addition to saving on supply costs).

The peace of mind of having 24 hour security in your storage room

For a professional, having the security that your things will be perfectly stored is essential. In Eurotrasteros you can be calm. All our centers have 24 hour security and surveillance, making storing your belongings a safe experience.

comfort above all in your rental storage room

Making your life easier is part of our goal. Therefore, if you are self-employed or an SME, in our storage rooms in Madrid you will always find all possible facilities.

  • Parking for customers, so that the loading and unloading of your merchandise is carried out comfortably.
  • Forklifts, pallet trucks and all types of materials at no cost to facilitate your transportation and storage task.
  • Schedule adapted to the needs of your business so that your storage room is an extension of your company.

If as a professional you are still looking for the option that best suits your needs, the self storage centers like Eurotrasteros can help you find the best solutions for you and your business.

we can offer you Personalized advice to determine how much space your storage room or mini warehouse rental requires and offer you a budget according to your needs.

6 situations that will make you want to rent a storage room

6 situations that will make you want to rent a storage room

We know, sometimes you think that you have more space in your house than enough to store all your things. However, we know that There are situations in which a extra storage space, either punctually or because your situation vital has changed. For those moments, power rent a storage room it is an option ideal.

Easily and safely, you will have the space you need to store everything that does not find its place at home. Furthermore, with the complete offer of storage rooms in Madrid that offers Eurotrasteros, you will surely find a place near your house. Next, we present to you 6 situations in which renting a storage room can save your life!

Next, we present to you 6 situations in which renting a storage room can save your life!

Festivities committee and celebrations, a storage room to store everything

Halloween, Christmas, Carnivals... you love to enjoy all the annual calendar holidays and, what's better, you love decorating your house to this for every holiday. Even your friends have appointed you president of the festivals and celebrations committee!

In situations like this, a storage room more than help is an obligation. You will need space to store Christmas decorations and costumes and at home, the space they occupy Those boxes are too much compared to the little time of use they are given. He rent a storage room in Madrid It will be your best option.

Storage rooms for families numerous

Have you expanded your family? Do you already have the family card? numerous? When a new member arrives in the family, even when only You have a son, a storage room is more than necessary to store everything related to the baby.

Babies need a lot of things, from specific furniture even toys and clothes that, unfortunately, go out of use very quickly. .

In these cases, the rent from a storage room becomes necessary to be able to store everything that is is stopping using. Who knows if you will soon need it again?

Storage rooms vehicular

Did you know that you can store your motorcycle or quad in a storage room? rent? When you have this type of vehicle but do not have a garage to store them, a storage room is your best choice. They are safe spaces in which Your vehicle will be well cared for and safe from inclement weather.

Store vehicles at medium-sized engine in storage rooms is the order of the day.

if you are an athlete born you need a storage room

You love sports, whether aquatic or mountain sports. But you hobby It brings with it a disadvantage: the equipment. It is usually difficult to store diving equipment, a surfboard, and not to mention a windsurf sail at home!

But don't worry, the solution is a cheap storage room, which does not represent a excessive additional cost and that allows you to easily store the equipment necessary to practice your favorite sport.

Moving in sight, rent a storage room

Changing house is an exciting process, a step forward in your life that will mark a before and after. Of course, think about the process of carrying out After all, a move makes your hair stand on end and we know it. ¿Have you thought that renting a storage room can make this task easier for you? Calculate the meters you need with our calculator space and get ready to make your move more comfortably.

Be autonomous and not die trying thanks to a storage room

If being self-employed in this country is difficult enough, try to be living in a small space and without an office. Mission Impossible? No altogether. A good option is rent a storage room to store paperwork, invoices of exercises above and any accounting information that you need to keep safe but does not require daily use.

Back to school with a storage room

Back to school with a storage room

Summer comes to an end and with it, the return to school and routine. This is an ideal moment to analyze the space we have in House and see if we need a place extra storage. If so, we recommend that you look for solutions storage like urban storage rooms.

He storage room rental in Madrid It is the order of the day and it is the solution to many problems of space that we find ourselves in moments like returning from vacation, where we do not We have no choice but to find site to store many things that are probably not going to be used until within a year.

Next weekend the pools will close and with it, will arrive the time to save all the props summer: chairs, beach towels, picnic cooler, inflatable unicorn, hammocks, umbrellas and all kinds of beach gadgets. To that add the bicycles, tent, diving equipment... Do you really plan to put everything that at home?

If you don't know the space you will need to store all your things, don't worry, in Eurotrasteros we have a service space calculator through which, quickly and easily, we will indicate to you what is the best storage solution for you and your family.

Your summer belongings well kept until next year

Just as important as finding a place to store everything is how to store it. Therefore, we give you some trucos to organize back to school in your storage room be a comfortable and quick task.

  • Clean everything before putting it away. Although it sounds obvious, many people do not do it and saving items with remains of beach sand or saltpeter can make the surprise of recovering them next summer great.
  • Use covers. If you keep the hammocks or umbrella in covers, in addition to being more protected, their storage will be more comfortable.
  • Save by sections. This way, if you need to recover something before summer (at Easter or a long weekend), it will be more accessible and much easier.

And you, how do you store all your things after the summer?

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