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How to choose cabinets for storage rooms

Renting storage rooms is an increasingly popular option among people who need to have more space, since they do not have it in their homes. But making the most of a storage room is important to make good use of the space and make it really useful to achieve its objective. Therefore, having closets […]

Office removals, tips to do them perfectly

Moving an office is different from moving an apartment, although we know that it can seem the same when having to move boxes and furniture from one place to another. Normally, office moves involve many more people and must be done faster so that the company can continue […]

How to store camping equipment in your rental storage room?

One of the options that more and more people choose to go on vacation is camping, a unique opportunity for the whole family to enjoy nature. But going camping means having a lot of material: tent, tables, chairs, sleeping bags, mats, kitchenware, ... and many more things. To save […]

Why rent a storage room?

Living in a city like Madrid has multiple advantages and benefits, you have more job opportunities or more leisure options, among many other things. Even so, it also has things that are not liked, such as crowds of people, traffic jams, noise and small apartments, something that more and more people suffer from. Is for this that I know […]

Rent a storage room for students in summer

Summer, in addition to being a time for vacation, is also the time when many students return home or look for other apartments for the new course in another city. Madrid is one of those cities where more university students go to study and accumulate many objects that they then don't know where to put. That's why, […]

Storage room rental in Madrid, how does it work?

Most likely, if you have come to this post it is because you are looking for or considering renting a storage room in Madrid. The truth is that it is something that more and more people are considering and the rental storage room is an increasingly popular option. The time has changed […]

Practical uses of renting a storage room

We all know that space at home is always short and we lack space to store all the things we accumulate throughout our lives, especially if you live in a small apartment. In addition to having good organization in your home, a good solution is a rental storage room. Rent a […]

Teleworking at home, how to have the perfect space?

2020 began as a year in which a global health crisis has caught us all off guard and we did not think that a pandemic could stop the world and change the way we do things. One of the biggest changes has been teleworking, since, upon entering quarantine, the […]

Where to store water sports equipment?

If you are a fan of water sports, it is common that you do not have space in your home to store said sports equipment. It is a very common problem in small or minimalist homes in large cities like Madrid. A good option to solve this problem is to rent a storage room in Madrid, so […]

Take advantage of space in small rooms

Minimalist homes are increasingly common in large cities due to the high price of apartments. Which means that every time we have to look for space in small rooms and take advantage of every space. The problem is that in these rooms we often do not have the space we would like […]

Shoe Sorting Ideas

You surely have a wide variety of shoes scattered throughout the house, and organizing shoes is a real puzzle when you don't have an exclusive place for them. Furthermore, we often get carried away when buying shoes, that's why we have them for all times of the year and styles: winter, summer, mid-season, sports, […]

How to organize a storage room perfectly

Our house is getting smaller and smaller and we keep more objects in urban storage rooms. In these spaces we are tempted to leave things in the first space we see, and that causes disorder and not taking full advantage of the place. But don't worry, below we bring you some tips on how to […]

Living in minimalist or small homes. How to do it?

The high price of apartments has made more and more people in large cities lean towards minimalist and small homes. These mini-flats can have the advantages of being more welcoming, economical, easier to clean or having a better location. But, the big problem with minimalist homes is […]

Storing clothes in the storage room: practical advice

More and more we tend to keep clothes in the storage room, either because those that are not in season do not enter the house, because we want to preserve the garments of great sentimental or economic value or store them to give them in the future to a family member, as may be. occur with baby clothes. Thus, […]

How to store my bicycle in the center of Madrid

Riding a bicycle is a very beneficial activity for anyone who practices it, it has a large number of advantages in terms of health and physical fitness. This has made more and more people decide to take the bicycle in Madrid and take a ride along the various routes there are. […]

Urban storage rooms, the solution to have extra space

One of the biggest problems with homes in Madrid capital is the little space they have to store belongings, but with urban storage rooms you already have it solved. These spaces are booming in Spain and have grown significantly, especially in the urban centers of large cities in recent years. […]

Are you looking for storage rooms in Alcobendas? Eurotrasteros has the solution

If you are looking for a storage room rental in Alcobendas, at Eurotrasteros we have the solution. We have spaces of all sizes, from 1m² to 11m², so you can hire them based on your needs. The Eurostorage rental service in Alcobendas is the ideal solution for your company and is located in an area […]

Security in rental storage rooms, are they safe?

Previously, in storage rooms we used to store old furniture, seasonal clothes, or some object that we no longer used; But now storage rooms have become a space in which we store items of greater economic value such as sports equipment and clothing (skis, snowboards, bicycles or water sports equipment). […]

Carnivals are coming, do you know how to store your costumes well?

“Carnival, Carnival… “ Carnival is approaching and with it, the fun, the music and the party. In order not to clash, you will have to find a very original costume. Are you buying a new costume this year? If the same thing happens to you every year and you are forced to buy a new costume every […]

Redecorating your house, what to do with the leftover furniture?

You've returned from Christmas and your house seems boring and monotonous after the holidays. You have to find a solution and convert it into a space where you feel comfortable. However, the holidays have left a small hole in your pocket and you want to change the decoration of your home without spending a lot […]

When is a storage room cleaning recommended?

You've probably heard about fall and spring cleaning. And the changes of season are usually the ideal times to carry out a thorough cleaning of your home, and your rental storage room was not going to be different. We have already spoken on other occasions about how important […]

Cheap storage rooms in Madrid

Economic and Madrid seem like opposite concepts. However, renting cheap storage rooms in Madrid is possible. Madrid is a city that offers a multitude of possibilities. The third capital of Europe not only attracts talent at the work level but also people who want to live there. A direct consequence of this is overcrowding, many people in a […]

And now... where to store the Christmas decorations?

That's it. Mid-January, Christmas has already passed and you still haven't removed the tree and the Nativity scene. And how beautiful everything is when Christmas arrives and how heavy it is to collect, pack and put away until next year. You debate between the […]

Storage rooms in Madrid. Find the best one for you

We know how important it is for you to find the storage room for rent closest to your home or office in order to maximize the use you are going to give it. That's why at Eurotrasteros we put four centers in Madrid at your disposal, so that choosing your storage room in Madrid is a piece of cake. At Eurotrasteros we offer you […]

What use will you give to your storage room at Christmas?

The holidays are coming and, with them, space problems. Because yes, Christmas takes place. During Christmas everything becomes a whirlwind that absorbs us: shopping, dinners, meals or family visits. Find out how a storage room can help you at Christmas. Before chaos invades us in […]

Unmistakable signs that you need a storage room

There are moments or stages in our lives that, although it may seem like you don't need a storage room, the truth is that you do. You will believe that the space at home is more or less enough for you to be able to store your things and have a more or less habitable home. However, as soon as you consider the possibility of […]

Prepare the house for Christmas

Dressing your house for Christmas and putting up the decorations and the Nativity scene can be a super motivating task for some, and a terrible nightmare for those to whom it suggests more laziness than joy. Let's see how to prepare your house for Christmas without it being a big problem and you can enjoy a […]

Where to store children's toys?

When we have little space, organization and order become essential to make the most of every corner and prevent the house from overwhelming us. Exactly the same thing happens with our children's toys, and without knowing how, more than once they end up piling up uncontrollably and […]

Prepare your home for the arrival of the cold

The first snows have already covered the main towns in the mountains and that is an unequivocal sign that the cold is here to stay. And with it, our homes need to prepare for the drop in temperatures and the arrival of the new season, colder and with inclement weather that will make […]

How to choose your storage room rental company?

In recent years, storage room rental companies in Madrid have grown by more than 50%. Until a few years ago there were not even half a dozen and today there are more than 100. The way storage room rental works in Madrid is very simple. You just have to find a center […]

How to store books well without dying trying?

Although they say that paper is dead, for some books will never go out of style. If you are one of those who like to physically own and collect books, you will identify with this post. There comes a point when bringing a new book into the house is a difficult decision: either find a […]

Storage solutions for professionals

SMEs represent 99.8% of the Spanish business fabric and generate 65.9% of employment, which makes them the true driving force of the Spanish economy. The vast majority, 93.5%, are self-employed professionals and micro-businesses with less than 10 employees, according to data from the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism. And we venture […]

You move? Moving storage rooms can help you

We know, thinking about moving makes your hair stand on end. And moving when you have a multitude of things to move, in addition to furniture and appliances, is quite a challenge. Therefore, renting storage rooms for moving can become the best help in such a process. If in addition to […]

What to keep and what not to keep in a rental storage room?

Now that you have decided to rent a storage room, the big question is: what things can I store there? Or better put, is there any type of item that cannot be stored in a rental storage room? Although most of the things you will need to store in a storage room, whether you are a […]

How to organize the storage room?

There is a lot of talk about how to keep the house tidy, about tips and lessons to keep each room in your home organized, but... how to keep your storage room organized? Organizing the storage room in the best way is crucial to make it accessible and to make the most of the space. Rent a storage room to maximize […]

Ready for a wardrobe change? Better with a storage room

The mornings and nights are beginning to get colder, the days are shorter and routine is established in our lives again, an unmistakable sign that autumn is already here. And with it, the dreaded wardrobe change. Put away all the summer clothes and accessories and take out the sweaters, blankets […]

Advantages of renting a storage room if you are self-employed

Renting a storage room has become an essential tool for both self-employed workers and SMEs. The lack of space in the workplace, even the lack of an office as such, makes looking for other types of storage solutions essential. This is where renting a storage room becomes […]

6 situations that will make you want to rent a storage room

We know, sometimes you think that you have more than enough space in your house to store all your things. However, we know that there are situations in which extra storage space is required, either on a specific basis or because your living situation has changed. For those moments, being able to rent a storage room is […]

Back to school with a storage room

Summer is coming to an end and with it, the return to school and routine. This is an ideal time to analyze the space we have at home and see if we need extra storage space. If so, we recommend that you look for storage solutions such as urban storage rooms. The rent […]

Summer, time for home renovations

The months of July and August are favorable months to carry out those home renovations that we have been putting off at home for so long. From small repairs to large comprehensive renovation works, the summer months are usually the time chosen by the vast majority of Spaniards to redecorate their home. He […]

Stock management in an online store

Do you have your own online store and are you worried about the storage of your merchandise? Do you have an office but need warehouse space for stock? Are you worried about storage logistics? If so, don't let managing the stock of your products give you a headache. The storage room rental service is made […]

Eurotrasteros launches new website

At Eurotrasteros we are launching. Our new website is now available, with all the necessary information to make renting a storage room in Madrid a breeze. Whatever your need for space, at Eurotrasteros we have solutions for all cases. From one meter and up to 120 m2 in storage rooms in central Madrid […]

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