Shoe Sorting Ideas

Shoe Sorting Ideas

Surely you have a wide variety of footwear distributed throughout the house, and it is that order shoes is a real puzzle when you don't have an exclusive place to they.

Furthermore, we often get carried away when buying shoes, that's why we have them for all times of the year and styles: winter, summer, mid-season, sports, mountains, special occasions or beach. And to keep all your footwear organized and well stored, one of the options is rent a storage room urban, at Eurotrasteros we have several spaces in Madrid city. This will prevent you from having to get rid of shoes that don't fit in your home or those elegant heels that you have for special events and that you rarely use.

In most homes in the capital there is not much space to store objects. That is why it is key to organize them well and not take up much space, have a storage room for rent y know how organize a storage room to perfection.

How to organize shoes?

We all need a wide variety of footwear to Combine with different types of clothing. That's why, Below we are going to give you some tips to know how to order shoes:

  • Have a shoe cabinet. Without a doubt it is one of the best options for organizing footwear. It combines perfectly with the rest of the furniture in the house, has a large capacity and does not take up much space. With this piece of furniture you will have all your shoes in the same place.
  • Wardrobe with dividers. It's a way to organize your shoes. inside the closet. In each compartment there will be a pair of shoes, and they will be able to sorted by type.
  • Wooden shelves. A simple idea to organize your shoes is to use a wooden shelf, since can be placed anywhere in the room. It has different levels to place the shoes in an orderly manner. The advantage of wooden shelves is that you will always have your shoes in sight, so you can choose comfortably and instantly which one you want to wear.
  • Rent a storage room. All these ideas proposed above are good, but what happens when we don't have space to store all the shoes? In Eurotrasteros we give you the solution, with our different storage rooms for rent in Madrid capital, such as Alcala street, ambassadors y Beautiful valley. In addition, being located in the center of the capital, you can also store seasonal footwear. It won't be a problem to go to the storage room to grab those shoes you need for an event or playing sports. In our spaces you can place your shoes in their respective boxes so that they remain in perfect condition and without taking up space in your home. Place a sticker on each box to facilitate identification and then you can place them on a shelf in the storage room.

But in Eurotrasteros You will not only be able to store shoes, but also clothing or sports equipment, since they have security 365 days a year. Hence don't waste time and reserve your storage room in Madrid to keep your shoes organized.

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