How to choose cabinets for storage rooms

How to choose cabinets for storage rooms

Renting storage rooms is an increasingly popular option among people who need to have more space, since they do not have it in their homes. But Getting the most out of a storage room is important to make good use of the space and that it is really useful to achieve your objective. Therefore, having cabinets for storage rooms is a very wise choice, and at Eurotrasteros we tell you about their benefits and the types of cabinets for storage rooms that you can find.

If you are looking for a storage room for rent in MadridAt Eurotrasteros we have several centers so you can choose the one closest to you. Whether because you need more space at home or because you have to store products from your business, With our rental storage rooms you will find what you are looking for. And remember to organize them well to take advantage of the space, take note of how good cabinets can help you achieve this.

Why install cabinets for storage rooms?

In a storage room you will store all kinds of things, from boxes with clothes, books, Christmas decoration, sports equipment or even camping equipment. You may think that if you place everything correctly you don't need to have cabinets and that everything will be, more or less, organized, but you may be wrong. Using cabinets in the storage room has multiple advantagesIf you are not convinced, we will tell you about them below.

  • Thanks to the cabinets you will get the perfect place to store a wide variety of items which are not used much. Thanks to this, all things will be organized and well placed, so that you can find them at any time, without having to search.
  • Use cabinets in the storage room gives you the opportunity to decorate it and create a cozy space, as well as organized.
  • If you need to store items that weigh more, such as tool boxes for your work, you can opt for large and robust cabinets. But if what you are going to store is more delicate and has to be protected, there are cabinets more prepared for it, where they will be well cared for.
  • But without any doubt, The biggest advantage of cabinets is being able to make the most of the space in the storage room, which is normally small and very limited.

What types of storage cabinets can you find?

As you know, there is a wide variety of closets, but you may use them more in your home. If we think of a storage room, We can focus on two varieties: metal ones and wooden ones..

In the case of metal cabinets for storage rooms, this is one of the most common solutions. They offer many advantages, since They are very resistant, they hold a lot of weight, and can store heavy objects. and large in size. Furthermore, if you want to change that closet, moving it is easy, since the metal usually weighs little and you will do it without much effort.

On the other hand, you can choose wooden cabinets, which are also widely used in storage rooms. They tend to be somewhat more expensive than metallic ones, but they sell more, since They keep the objects inside better and protect them from humidity and other external factors. In addition, wooden cabinets are more beautiful, because a tidy storage room can also be well decorated.

So now you know, don't give up order in your rental storage room, choose the storage closet that best suits what you need or the one you like the most. In Eurotrasteros we have several storage centers in Madrid and you can choose the size you need thanks to our space calculator. Don't wait any longer, our professionals will be happy to advise you so that you have the ideal storage room.

How to store camping equipment in your rental storage room?

How to store camping equipment in your rental storage room?

One of the options that more and more people choose to go on vacation is camping, a unique opportunity for the whole family to enjoy nature. But going camping means having a lot of material: tent, tables, chairs, sleeping bags, mats, kitchenware, ... and many more things. To store all this material the rest of the year you need a lot of space, and what better than to do it in a storage room for rent.

Storing camping equipment at home is complicated, it takes up a lot of space and today it is something that is not available in homes. That's why, more and more people choose rent a storage room and store in it all the camping materials. The storage room is perfect to be able to store everything in the same place, in the best way so that it does not get damaged and always have it at hand.

Tips for storing camping equipment

Once you have your storage room for rent, it is advisable to organize your camping equipment in the best possible way, to optimize space, so that everything is perfect and in good condition for the next time you travel. Take note of these recommendations that we make so that your things are well stored.

  • Tent. Without a doubt, it is the fundamental element of any camping trip. They come in many sizes and their price is usually quite high, which is why it is essential to always keep it perfect. Before storing it, it is very important to clean it, removing any traces of moisture, earth, grass or dirt that it may have. Remember to do it on both the canvas and the support fabrics. This way, you will keep all the tent materials in perfect condition so you can fold it and store it in its packaging completely dry.
  • Sleeping bags, mats or mattresses. Although these items are inside the store, they may also have stains and dirt that it is advisable to remove before storing them. You have to check everything well and put it in its case.
  • Camping household items. Plates, glasses, cutlery, saucepans, pans and camping gas, all essential to be able to have all our needs covered when we go camping. When you return home, it is advisable to clean them well before putting them away for the next excursion. We recommend that you store them in a well-protected place.
  • Tables, chairs and lighting. What would be of us without these elements, they are essential to make our camping stay much more comfortable and pleasant. Like the tent, they are the ones that suffer the most from inclement weather, so cleaning them is essential before storing them until the next trip.

Store camping equipment in a rented storage room

With all the advice we have given you, your camping equipment will be perfectly stored for the next camping trip you plan. As you have seen, there are many objects and they take up a lot of space, which is why a rental storage room is the best option to store them.

In Eurotrasteros we have centers storage rooms for rent in Madrid in different locations, so you can choose the one that best suits you. Furthermore, if you are looking for a storage room with specific measurements, with our space calculator you're going to find it. Don't wait any longer, storing camping equipment has never been so simple thanks to Eurotrasteros, we assure you that it will be in the best condition until you organize the next trip.

Rent a storage room for students in summer

Rent a storage room for students in summer

Summer, in addition to being a time for vacation, is also the time when many students return home or look for other flats for the new year in another city. Madrid is one of those cities where more university students go to study and accumulate many objects that later they don't know where to put. That's why, more and more students are rent a storage room, and this has many advantages and utilities, we will tell you about it.

When the time comes for the students to leave their flats, they don't have a place to store everything they have been accumulating until the new course begins. Rent a storage room in Madrid It is a great option to be able to store everything that cannot be taken to their cities and so they leave it in a safe place until they return.

Rent a storage room for students in summer

You may have thought about rent a storage room on occasion, but you don't do it because you don't know the advantages that this entails for students. In them you can store your bike, computers, clothes, books or musical instruments, and always under the best security levels.

In summer the students return to their homes, and The storage room is a place where you can leave what you don't need to take and have it ready for the next course. In a school year we are capable of accumulating many things and until it is time to leave the apartment, we do not realize that we have too much junk. You can choose to get rid of them or store them in a rental storage room, just for you.

It is a way to have the notes ordered and organized, which we know are many when the course ends. Lots of sheets, photocopies, books, …. And as the course progresses, more notes will be. Rent a storage room in the city where you study, even if it is small, It is the perfect way to have everything well stored, and at any time you can access it, without taking up space in your student apartment. In addition, you will prevent them from getting lost in the meantime.

On our page we have a space calculator with which you can rent the perfect storage room, neither more nor less. You will not spend more than you need, you just have to know everything you have well and we will help you and advise you so that the chosen storage room is the right one for you.

What are the advantages of renting a storage room?

all our storage rooms for rent in Madrid are guarded and with security systems that make all your belongings safe and secure. It doesn't matter what you keep in them, from sports equipment to your computer or all your books and winter clothes, you just have to keep them in the storage room and enjoy the summer waiting for autumn and the new year to arrive, without worries.

So don't think about it too much and enjoy the summer you've earned after a hard year of study. Without worries and with the assurance that all your belongings are well cared for. Renting a storage room for students is one of the best options to store your things and at Eurotrasteros we are here to help you.

Where to store water sports equipment?

Where to store water sports equipment?

If you are a fan of water sports, it is common that you do not have space in your home to store said sports equipment. It is a very common problem in small or minimalist homes that there are in big cities like Madrid.

A good option to solve this problem is rent a storage room in Madrid, so you can have space to store your favorite sport equipment and maintain the same free space at home. In Eurotrasteros we have different storage centers in various areas of Madrid, you just have to choose the one that is closest to you and reserve it.

Snorkeling, water skiing, canoeing, diving, windsurfing, canoeing, rowing, rafting, or sailing are some examples of water sports. AND To practice all these activities, large equipment is needed which are difficult to store in a home.

Buy or rent aquatic equipment?

To learn any water sport, the best option is always to take some first training classes, in which they give you all the necessary material for the practice. When you have learned enough, it is best to buy your own aquatic equipment, with which you will become familiar and adapt to your body.

How to store water sports equipment?

If you decide to buy aquatic instruments you should know, first of all, how to store it in the winter months when you use it less. Neoprene suits should be washed with a special product for this equipment and with fresh water before storage, this will dissolve traces of salt, preventing corrosion and oxidation of the fabric. The next thing is to dry it in the open air. And finally, in the storage room you have to hang it on a hanger so that no fold marks are left on it.

While Diving masks and fins must be stored completely dry. It is also advisable to add some newspaper to the fins to prevent them from deforming during storage.

On the other hand, surfboards also have to be washed with fresh water before storing them and using a case for protection. In the storage room they must always be stored horizontally to prevent them from falling.

A good option to store a canoe in a storage room and that does not take up much space es Buy wall brackets and some easels. This way the canoe will be horizontal and you can make any repairs to it without problems.

In Eurotrasteros You can store all your water sports equipment without complications, since we have security 365 days a year, to avoid any theft attempt. Easy and comfortable to use. They will be well preserved and you can access them any weekend.

And don't worry about the measurements of your material, we have large spaces where you can store boards, canoes or kayaks. At our space calculator you will be able to choose the perfect storage room for you and what you need at all times.

Our storage rooms are located in the center of Madrid, so forget about going to a polygon far from the city to get your equipment. You will be able to have your material at any time and close to your home. Now that you know how and where to store the material You no longer have an excuse not to practice water sports.

Take advantage of space in small rooms

Take advantage of space in small rooms

Las minimalist homes They are increasingly common in large cities due to the high price of apartments. Which means that every time we have to look for space in small rooms and take advantage of every space.

The problem is that in these rooms many times we do not have the space that we would like and it is difficult to have everything organized. There is always something in the way, you can't keep everything in one place... You feel like the house is too small. A good solution may be rent a storage room urban close to home, in Eurotrasteros We have different locations in various areas of Madrid.

Tips to get the most out of a small room

Below, we explain some tips to get the most out of a small room. So that the little space you have is enough to store your objects:

  • Order. In a tidy bedroom, no matter how small, it is always easier to find a place for all our belongings.. To keep all our things in order, it is key to have transparent boxes to store small objects, which are the ones that are always in the way. You can place the boxes on the desk, nightstand, closet, on top of a drawer...
  • Multifunctional furniture. One of the keys to taking advantage of space in small rooms is to choose furniture that has several functions. For example, a desk with drawers at the bottom to store study items or clothing accessories, such as socks, ties or belts. Another option is to buy a piece of furniture with a folding bed. This way you will only have the bed when you need it, allowing you to occupy that space with other things during the day. This option is especially valuable in small youth bedrooms.
  • Storage under the bed. The space under the bed is a space that is almost always wasted, you can choose to buy a bed with drawers underneath or a cheaper option like buying plastic boxes. With these options, out-of-season clothing, shoes and other bedding items such as sheets, duvets or blankets will be stored in this space. This is especially useful in small double bedrooms.
  • Shelves on the wall. Another space that can be used in the bedroom is the wall, where shelves can be hung. Here you can store books, movies, small boxes to store objects or any other accessories. It is advisable to install them at a certain height. These shelves can help even decorate a small room.
  • Give more use to the closet. In the closet you can store more things than clothes, They can be stored using boxes or shelves: shoes, small objects, bathroom items, electronic devices that you no longer use or accessories.
  • Storage room. Rent a storage room It can be a great solution to have more space than in a small bedroom. In Eurotrasteros We have several centers in Madrid, located in central areas of the capital, and well connected. You can save clothes It's not in season shoes, sports equipment, electronic devices or furniture.

Eurotrasteros it will permit you have more space and make better use of it in small rooms. Furthermore, in our centers you will pay only for the square meters you use, we adapt to your needs. You can reserve your storage room for rent in Madrid from your home.

Shoe Sorting Ideas

Shoe Sorting Ideas

Surely you have a wide variety of footwear distributed throughout the house, and it is that order shoes is a real puzzle when you don't have an exclusive place to they.

Furthermore, we often get carried away when buying shoes, that's why we have them for all times of the year and styles: winter, summer, mid-season, sports, mountains, special occasions or beach. And to keep all your footwear organized and well stored, one of the options is rent a storage room urban, at Eurotrasteros we have several spaces in Madrid city. This will prevent you from having to get rid of shoes that don't fit in your home or those elegant heels that you have for special events and that you rarely use.

In most homes in the capital there is not much space to store objects. That is why it is key to organize them well and not take up much space, have a storage room for rent y know how organize a storage room to perfection.

How to organize shoes?

We all need a wide variety of footwear to Combine with different types of clothing. That's why, Below we are going to give you some tips to know how to order shoes:

  • Have a shoe cabinet. Without a doubt it is one of the best options for organizing footwear. It combines perfectly with the rest of the furniture in the house, has a large capacity and does not take up much space. With this piece of furniture you will have all your shoes in the same place.
  • Wardrobe with dividers. It's a way to organize your shoes. inside the closet. In each compartment there will be a pair of shoes, and they will be able to sorted by type.
  • Wooden shelves. A simple idea to organize your shoes is to use a wooden shelf, since can be placed anywhere in the room. It has different levels to place the shoes in an orderly manner. The advantage of wooden shelves is that you will always have your shoes in sight, so you can choose comfortably and instantly which one you want to wear.
  • Rent a storage room. All these ideas proposed above are good, but what happens when we don't have space to store all the shoes? In Eurotrasteros we give you the solution, with our different storage rooms for rent in Madrid capital, such as Alcala street, ambassadors y Beautiful valley. In addition, being located in the center of the capital, you can also store seasonal footwear. It won't be a problem to go to the storage room to grab those shoes you need for an event or playing sports. In our spaces you can place your shoes in their respective boxes so that they remain in perfect condition and without taking up space in your home. Place a sticker on each box to facilitate identification and then you can place them on a shelf in the storage room.

But in Eurotrasteros You will not only be able to store shoes, but also clothing or sports equipment, since they have security 365 days a year. Hence don't waste time and reserve your storage room in Madrid to keep your shoes organized.

How to organize a storage room perfectly

How to organize a storage room perfectly

Each time we have the smallest house and we keep more objects in urban storage rooms. In these spaces we have the temptation to leave things in the first place we see, and that causes disorder and not taking full advantage of the place. But don't worry, continuation, We bring you some tips on how to organize a storage room and make the most of your ability. Take note. In Eurotrasteros we are specialists in these spaces, since we have four centers of storage rooms for rent in Madrid.

Organizing a storage room well is something very simple

The fact of having this space well organized will allow move more easily inside and you will be able to find your objects more easily. With these ideas you will be able to keep your storage room for rent:

  • Modular storage. One of the ideas for organizing a storage room is opt for boxes, shelves or shelves. They help you organize the space in your storage room. You too We advise that all boxes be labeled with the contents, and thus You will find what you are looking for quickly. On the shelves or boxes in the back Put away the objects that you will use less frequently and put those that you will use in front. the more you will use. Our storage rooms for rent in Madridthey count with shelves and different furniture, so you can store all kinds of belongings. So now you will know how to organize a storage room with shelves.
  • Take care of your textile. The most suitable for store clothes in a storage room is to use specialized boxes for it. This way you will keep the clothes in perfect condition. While for dresses, coats or suits You can opt for closet boxes.
  • Each object in an area. Put the boxes with clothes in one place, in another the shoes, in another the electronic objects, the material sports in another… Distribute things with a logical order.
  • Dismantle the furniture. Can disassemble the furniture so that they are more organized and take up less space. It is important that they have good packaging, such as bubble wrap.
  • Drawers. Can include drawers on the shelves to store smaller items (tools, screws, personal belongings...).
  • Sport equipment. The material should not be left in the middle sports, since it takes up a lot of space. For example, for put away the bike you can install a horizontal hook on the wall, and the same for the material water or skis and snowboards.
  • Take advantage of all the spaces. In a storage room you have to take advantage of every one of the spaces either with boxes, wall hooks, cabinets, shelves, There are different sizes and dimensions of each of them.
  • Select what is useful and what is not. On many occasions we store in a storage objects that no longer have any function or that you have stopped using. To get rid of these things, HE They can give to a family member or friend who knows how to use them more. So you can free up space in the storage room to store more things from your home, and have your minimalist home ordered.
  • Inventory. Make an inventory and map that includes the content of all the boxes and corners of the storage room. With this idea you will have everything better located.

Now that you know how to organize a storage room easy and fast way, you only have to enter our website to reserve the storage room what do you need. We offer spaces of the size you need, from 1 up to 120 m2. This way you will only pay for the square meters you want to use.

Living in minimalist or small homes. How to do it?

Living in minimalist or small homes. How to do it?

The high price of apartments has made more and more people in large cities lean towards minimalist and small homes. These mini-flats can have the advantages of being more cozy, economical, easier to clean or have a better location.

But, The big problem with minimalist homes is maintaining order, and even more so when you have children.. Furthermore, to live in these houses you have to be inventive to take advantage of all the spaces and be original in the decoration. A good solution to have extra space is rent an urban storage room close to home, in Eurotrasteros We have stores in several strategic locations in Madrid.

How to maintain order in minimalist homes?

Below we explain some very practical tips, that will make you maintain order in your small home and that the time you stay in it you will be more comfortable.

  • Take advantage of every corner of the house. You have to keep in mind that all the spaces inside your home are usable, such as that space behind a partition or the corners of kitchen compartments or closets.
  • Drawers under the bed. Beds or sofas with built-in drawers allow you to store clothes, shoes or utensils that you use less. Of course, it is important that everything you store is in an orderly manner to optimize this space as much as possible. This is an essential type of furniture for living in small homes. If you decide to buy this type of bed, you can save the previous one in one of the storage rooms for rent in Madrid that we offer you. Our spaces are made so that all types of belongings can be stored, from small objects to furniture.
  • Baskets. You can use baskets to store smaller objects and not have them in the middle of the house, use labels to identify them so you know what is in each one of them. Having your belongings stored is key to having order in your home.
  • wall to wall cabinets. Walls can contain large cabinets to make the most of wall space. Within it Shelves can be placed to keep all clothes in order.
  • Shoemakers. Shoes are one of the objects that take up the most space and that The more we have at home in disarray. With a shoe rack you can have them all located.
  • Storage rooms. Rent a storage room It is a great solution to have a small and tidy design home. In these spaces you can store clothes that are not in season, electronic devices, Christmas ornaments, furniture and a collection of comics or magazines. Also if you practice sports you can store your bicycle, skis or snowboard. In Eurotrasteros all our spaces have high security measures the 365 days of the year so that you can leave these objects of high economic value without problem. A storage room will allow you to give air to your home and not be burdened with buying something and not having it fit into your home.

In recent years, the demand for storage rooms has increased significantly due to the fact that the People are increasingly living in small houses., in which they cannot store all their belongings. So if you want to keep your objects safe and have your home tidy, you can opt for one of our storage rooms for rent in Madrid .

Storing clothes in the storage room: practical advice

Storing clothes in the storage room: practical advice

More and more we tend to keep clothes in the storage room, either because what is not in season does not enter the home, because we want to preserve the garments of great sentimental or economic value or store them to give them in the future to a family member, as can happen with baby clothes. Thus, It is important to know how to store clothes in a storage room for rent so that it remains in good condition while stored.

As store clothes in the storage room?

The first thing you should do to storing clothes in the storage room is washing them, but without fabric softener or bleach. This way You will prevent bad odors from developing in the clothes. It is also It is important that it dry well before storing it.

Clothes should not be ironed. as this can cause it to yellow over time as it does not air out.. Finally, you must make sure that the clothes after washing do not continue with stains, because it will be more difficult for them to go away in washes later.

With the clothes ready to be stored in the storage room, You have to choose a container for it. It is best to use specific boxes for storing clothes. This way you will be able to keep the garments in the best condition. Cardboard boxes can also be used, placing the heavier clothes on the bottom and the lighter ones on top. In Eurotrasteros We have shelves in our rental storage rooms to make it more convenient to store boxes of clothes.

If you want your dresses, coats or suits not to fold, you can opt for wardrobe boxes.. They will be well protected and will not deform. On the contrary, jerseys should never be hung. While, if you prefer that your clothes take up as little space as possible in your storage room, we recommend airtight bags to store clothes, although this way they can deteriorate.

Delicate clothing is recommended to be wrapped in tissue paper, so they can breathe better. What should never be used to store clothes are plastic bags, since the clothes do not breathe inside them and mold could appear.

It is important that, when we put away the clothes, let's do it in the correct container to classify it by the type of garment. This will make it easier for you to identify it later.

In Eurotrasteros We have storage rooms of all sizes, from 1 to 11 m², so you can hire them depending on the number of boxes or bags you want to store. We have different mini-warehouses, which are perfect for storing your garments in an orderly and easy-to-identify manner.

Our service can be contracted from one month in duration, to whatever you need. In addition, for greater comfort, we have three storage centers in Madrid capital. They are located in the Alcala street And in the zones of ambassadors y Beautiful valley.

Now that you know how to store your clothes in the storage room, You just have to enter our website to reserve the storage room what you need, extra space and store your clothes.

How to store my bicycle in the center of Madrid

How to store my bicycle in the center of Madrid

Riding a bicycle is a very beneficial activity for anyone who practices it, it has a large number of advantages in terms of health and physical fitness. This has made more and more people decide to take the bike in Madrid and take a tour of the various routes that exist. The problem is, how to store my bike in the center of Madrid? Most of the houses in the capital are very small and do not have a storage room or terrace to store it.

The solution to this problem of storing a bicycle in the center of Madrid is to rent a urban storage room, which are fashionable in big cities in recent years. In Eurotrasteros, We have spaces in three different neighborhoods of the capital, such as Alcalá street, ambassadors y Beautiful valley. In addition, our storage rooms have security 365 days a year, to prevent any type of theft of this type of object.

How to store a bicycle in little space?

The best way for a bicycle to take up little space in a storage room is to install a support or vertical hook. So the bike will be placed vertically on the wall. Also, it will be easy to get the bike off the hook for weekly or monthly use. This hook adapts to all types of bikes, even those with fenders.

While if you are not concerned about space, you can install a horizontal hook on the wall and leave the bike in a horizontal position and without touching the ground. What we do not recommend is leaving the bike leaning against the wall because it will end up on the ground. We also advise you to buy a cover, which protects it well from dust and pollution. So it will be pristine every time you use it.

Another option if you are going to use the bicycle every long time is remove the front wheel and store it in a bag, and that occupies less space in the storage room.

We also advise you that When you store your bike in the storage room, make sure the tires are well inflated, so that you do not find any punctured or deflated wheels when you go to use it. Also, if you want to keep the metal of your bike in perfect condition, you can apply a specialized product.

In a storage room for rent You will also have space for store your equipment and the necessary tools to fix the bike in case you have any problem. This way you will have everything at hand when you decide to go for a ride on the weekend and enjoy the great benefits of taking the bike.

Don't forget that Cycling has many health benefits. of a person, such as lowering blood pressure and improving lung capacity and basal metabolism. While in the physical field, it allows us to increase our physical resistance, eliminate fat in the legs and abdomen and strengthen the buttocks.

Also, now that spring is here and the good weather is here and the evenings are stretching out until dinnertime, it's the perfect time to go cycling. And thus enjoy the city, its parks and the various routes that are in it. Hence You already know how to store the bicycle in the center of Madriddon't waste time and reserve your storage room in the capital.

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