How to choose cabinets for storage rooms

How to choose cabinets for storage rooms

Renting storage rooms is an increasingly popular option among people who need to have more space, since they do not have it in their homes. But Getting the most out of a storage room is important to make good use of the space and that it is really useful to achieve your objective. Therefore, having cabinets for storage rooms is a very wise choice, and at Eurotrasteros we tell you about their benefits and the types of cabinets for storage rooms that you can find.

If you are looking for a storage room for rent in MadridAt Eurotrasteros we have several centers so you can choose the one closest to you. Whether because you need more space at home or because you have to store products from your business, With our rental storage rooms you will find what you are looking for. And remember to organize them well to take advantage of the space, take note of how good cabinets can help you achieve this.

Why install cabinets for storage rooms?

In a storage room you will store all kinds of things, from boxes with clothes, books, Christmas decoration, sports equipment or even camping equipment. You may think that if you place everything correctly you don't need to have cabinets and that everything will be, more or less, organized, but you may be wrong. Using cabinets in the storage room has multiple advantagesIf you are not convinced, we will tell you about them below.

  • Thanks to the cabinets you will get the perfect place to store a wide variety of items which are not used much. Thanks to this, all things will be organized and well placed, so that you can find them at any time, without having to search.
  • Use cabinets in the storage room gives you the opportunity to decorate it and create a cozy space, as well as organized.
  • If you need to store items that weigh more, such as tool boxes for your work, you can opt for large and robust cabinets. But if what you are going to store is more delicate and has to be protected, there are cabinets more prepared for it, where they will be well cared for.
  • But without any doubt, The biggest advantage of cabinets is being able to make the most of the space in the storage room, which is normally small and very limited.

What types of storage cabinets can you find?

As you know, there is a wide variety of closets, but you may use them more in your home. If we think of a storage room, We can focus on two varieties: metal ones and wooden ones..

In the case of metal cabinets for storage rooms, this is one of the most common solutions. They offer many advantages, since They are very resistant, they hold a lot of weight, and can store heavy objects. and large in size. Furthermore, if you want to change that closet, moving it is easy, since the metal usually weighs little and you will do it without much effort.

On the other hand, you can choose wooden cabinets, which are also widely used in storage rooms. They tend to be somewhat more expensive than metallic ones, but they sell more, since They keep the objects inside better and protect them from humidity and other external factors. In addition, wooden cabinets are more beautiful, because a tidy storage room can also be well decorated.

So now you know, don't give up order in your rental storage room, choose the storage closet that best suits what you need or the one you like the most. In Eurotrasteros we have several storage centers in Madrid and you can choose the size you need thanks to our space calculator. Don't wait any longer, our professionals will be happy to advise you so that you have the ideal storage room.

Office removals, tips to do them perfectly

Office removals, tips to do them perfectly

Making an office move is different from moving an apartment, although we know that it can seem the same when having to move boxes and furniture from one place to another. Usually, office removals involve many more people and must be done faster so that the company can continue to function smoothly.

For the organization of the move to be perfect, a great option is rent a storage room for companies that allows you to save what you need and take it to the new office. At Eurotrasteros we have storage rooms for rent in Madrid perfect for you.

Tips for organizing the office move

The organization of a move, whether it is an apartment or an office, It is a task that requires a lot of effort, so planning it well is essential. Thanks to this prior planning, unforeseen events that may arise can be dealt with, which is why we want to tell you what are the most important aspects to take into account in an office move.

How far is the new office?

Before you start packing, you have to know the distance to our new office. It may be inside the same building or on the same street, something that will make the whole process much easier. But the distance may be greater and this makes the move cost more and we need the help of a professional, but it all depends on the amount of things that have to be moved.

Select carefully what to take with you

Undoubtedly, this is an important factor. For example, if the office we are in has its own furniture or is it ours and we have to take them to the new location. In the first case, you only have to take into account the documentation and computer equipment, while if the tables, chairs and shelves are ours, the move is more laborious and expensive.

Make a list of things in order of size, measurements of the tables and the place in the office where they go. After this, he begins to organize the technological equipment, which is more delicate and to which more attention should be paid. If you put away the boxes when you bought the computers, screens, keyboards or printers, you will save yourself the step of having to wrap it in bubble wrap and protect them in the best way.

In this task of selecting what to take, Ideally, each worker should have their own box. where you can store your personal belongings and work materials.

Once you have everything well packed and know what you are going to take to your new office and what you are going to leave in the old one, we proceed to make the move. It may be that in this process you find yourself in the situation of have a large number of boxes with documentation in the new premises that get in the way and take weeks to disappear.

So that this does not happen, a good option is to rent a storage room with the space that perfectly suits your needs. So you can keep your boxes in a safe place and access them when everything is more orderly in your new office. Thanks to this, the office move will be easier, our professionals will advise you on everything you need so that everything goes perfectly. we have storage centers for rent in Madrid so you can choose the one closest to you.

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