Urban storage rooms, the solution to have extra space

Urban storage rooms, the solution to have extra space

One of the biggest problems of homes in Madrid capital is the little space they have to store belongings, but with the urban storage rooms you already have it solved. These spaces are booming in Spain and have grown significantly, especially in urban centers.s of big cities in recent years.

Previously, the storage rooms were located on the outskirts of the cities, but now people's need to have extra space close to home has caused these places to increase. In Eurotrasteros years ago we appreciated this need of the people and we created three centers in strategic places of the capital such as the Alcala street and the area of ambassadors y Beautiful valley.

This need to have an urban storage room has also been influenced by the fact that having a home with a storage room in the capital of Madrid is almost a luxury. Only 15% of the apartments in the center have these storage spaces. And the fact that robberies in these places have increased has also caused their increase.

Advantages of having an urban storage room in Madrid

Every day we Spaniards have more clothes, more electronic devices, more things in general, which translates into a problem saving them. But with an urban storage room this will be solved. You will continue to keep belongings with sentimental value such as a collection of books or furniture from a family member.

You can also save clothes that are not in season or those that we have already stopped wearing and that we can use again in a few years when they are in fashion again. Or even if you practice a sport, you can store a bicycle and be able to use it on Sundays to go on a route. In our spaces Eurotrasteros You can store a bicycle or any valuable material, since they have surveillance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and they have high security measures.

another of the advantages to have a urban storage room in Madrid is that the high price of rents means that people are constantly changing homes, and if you move to a furnished apartment and have your own furniture you can store it in these spaces. Or vice versa, if you rent your home you can keep some furniture with sentimental value that you don't want your tenants to damage.

rent a urban storage room in Madrid It will also allow you to have more space in your home, which It will make the time you spend there more comfortable. You will no longer have the pressure not to buy something because it doesn't fit into the house.

Eurotrasteros, the best storage solution in Madrid

In Eurotrasteros We have three centers in Madrid capital. Storage rooms in the Alcalá street, and in the areas of ambassadors y Beautiful valley. Furthermore, we have storage rooms in Alcobendas for those people who live in the northern area of ​​Madrid. All our spaces comply with the regulations for urban storage rooms, since there are a series of requirements that must be taken into account before starting a storage room rental business.

The spaces of Eurotrasteros cThey have shelves and different furniture, so that all types of belongings can be stored.. Another advantage of our centers is that they have an extra service for transferring belongings to your home. In addition, you can reserve the storage room online, so you will not have to travel to our offices.

so if you want give more space to your home in Madrid and join this boom in urban storage rooms you just have to choose the space closest to your home. What are you waiting for?

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