How to store camping equipment in your rental storage room?

How to store camping equipment in your rental storage room?

One of the options that more and more people choose to go on vacation is camping, a unique opportunity for the whole family to enjoy nature. But going camping means having a lot of material: tent, tables, chairs, sleeping bags, mats, kitchenware, ... and many more things. To store all this material the rest of the year you need a lot of space, and what better than to do it in a storage room for rent.

Storing camping equipment at home is complicated, it takes up a lot of space and today it is something that is not available in homes. That's why, more and more people choose rent a storage room and store in it all the camping materials. The storage room is perfect to be able to store everything in the same place, in the best way so that it does not get damaged and always have it at hand.

Tips for storing camping equipment

Once you have your storage room for rent, it is advisable to organize your camping equipment in the best possible way, to optimize space, so that everything is perfect and in good condition for the next time you travel. Take note of these recommendations that we make so that your things are well stored.

  • Tent. Without a doubt, it is the fundamental element of any camping trip. They come in many sizes and their price is usually quite high, which is why it is essential to always keep it perfect. Before storing it, it is very important to clean it, removing any traces of moisture, earth, grass or dirt that it may have. Remember to do it on both the canvas and the support fabrics. This way, you will keep all the tent materials in perfect condition so you can fold it and store it in its packaging completely dry.
  • Sleeping bags, mats or mattresses. Although these items are inside the store, they may also have stains and dirt that it is advisable to remove before storing them. You have to check everything well and put it in its case.
  • Camping household items. Plates, glasses, cutlery, saucepans, pans and camping gas, all essential to be able to have all our needs covered when we go camping. When you return home, it is advisable to clean them well before putting them away for the next excursion. We recommend that you store them in a well-protected place.
  • Tables, chairs and lighting. What would be of us without these elements, they are essential to make our camping stay much more comfortable and pleasant. Like the tent, they are the ones that suffer the most from inclement weather, so cleaning them is essential before storing them until the next trip.

Store camping equipment in a rented storage room

With all the advice we have given you, your camping equipment will be perfectly stored for the next camping trip you plan. As you have seen, there are many objects and they take up a lot of space, which is why a rental storage room is the best option to store them.

In Eurotrasteros we have centers storage rooms for rent in Madrid in different locations, so you can choose the one that best suits you. Furthermore, if you are looking for a storage room with specific measurements, with our space calculator you're going to find it. Don't wait any longer, storing camping equipment has never been so simple thanks to Eurotrasteros, we assure you that it will be in the best condition until you organize the next trip.

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