When is a storage room cleaning recommended?

When is a storage room cleaning recommended?

You've probably heard about fall and spring cleaning. And it is that the changes of season are usually the ideal moments to carry out a cleaning deep inside your house, and you storage room for rent It wasn't going to be different.

We have already spoken on other occasions about how important it is to keep order inside a storage room to have your belongings organized and as convenient as possible. possible hand in case at any time you need to resort to them. But not only The order is important, but the cleaning must play a fundamental role within our storage room.

As the storage room is an external part of our home, many times the tendency is to forget the cleaning tasks and that can be a serious mistake since Lack of hygiene can lead to the deterioration of the objects we have inside.

How to clean a storage room, step by step

Whether you have your own storage room or do you rent a storage room for seasons You will have already realized the large amount of things that can accumulate in it, as well as the disorder and lack of cleanliness that usually characterizes these spaces.

And it is that they are usually kept precisely for store everything that we do not use regularly, or maybe never but we don't want to get rid of it; Consequently, we do not usually pay much attention to cleaning it and the day it is time to do it it turns out to be a titanic task.

Before cleaning the storage room, you have to think about the following points:

  • If your storage room needs cleaning, you probably don't remember everything inside. It is normal to keep things in the storage room and forget that we have them, so it is advisable to have some shelves where you can place the different objects, so you will have them in view and you can quickly get an idea of ​​everything you have.
  • you may need more than a day to completely clean your storage room. Plan accordingly, so you have all the time you need.
  • It can be helpful to have someone help you, especially when emptying and carrying the heaviest and most voluminous objects. Plus it always makes working with someone more enjoyable!
  • Remember be patient and take things little by little, trying to take everything out at once or taking too many things in one trip can end badly.

Steps to follow to keep a storage room clean

  1. Keep the space as uncluttered as possible to facilitate the cleaning task.
  2. pay attention to the walls. Before cleaning them with a cloth and the cleaning product that you consider depending on the material of the storage room walls, it is recommended that you observe if there are strange stains that could be due to humidity or some type of deterioration of the space.
  3. If you have shelves, remove the elements that you have on them and wiping with a damp cloth to remove all dust and dirt particles. It is also important that you clean the surface of the boxes or objects that you have on each shelf of the shelves.
  4. For storage rooms more aimed at storing clothes placed on racks, the best option is store this clothing in covers so that it is not in direct contact with dust that may be inside the storage room. Since clothes are more difficult to clean in the storage room, it will be enough for you to do so when you are going to use them, either at home in the washing machine or by using a professional dry cleaner.
  5. Finally, sweep the floor and mop it with bleach or some other disinfectant.

It is important to repeat this routine as much as possible. So, at least once a year we should deep clean our storage room for rent.

Cheap storage rooms in Madrid

Cheap storage rooms in Madrid

Economic and Madrid seem like opposite concepts. However, rent cheap storage rooms in Madrid it's possible. Madrid is a city that offers a multitude of possibilities. The third capital of Europe not only attracts talent at the work level but also people who want to live there.

A direct consequence of this is overcrowding, many people in a small space, despite the fact that Madrid has not stopped growing far and wide.

Therefore, we live in smaller and smaller spaces but our storage needs are not reduced, on the contrary. For that, there are solutions, such asrent a storage room in Madridcapital, without having to go to the outskirts, which is where they are generally located.

Of course, talk about cheap storage rooms in Madrid It does not mean losing quality or professionalism. That's why, It is important to have a serious, solvent and professional company. that offers you an affordable storage room with all the security and services.

What should a good rental storage room have?

When looking for cheap storage rooms in Madrid, you will be invaded by a multitude of offers with discounts and impossible prices. It is vital to know distinguish what each supplier is offering you so as not to fall into deception. For that, let's see what minimums the company with which you rent your storage room must offer you:

  • professionalism: when you search for your storage room for rent, when visiting the facilities and staff, make sure they answer all questions and questions you have as a future client. Likewise, see if you have cared for, providing the confidence and peace of mind that your things will be safe in that place you have chosen. You must trust the first impression just as in your instinct, all this will allow you choose the best storage room, which also covers all your needs.
  • Security: to be able to choose the best storage room in Madrid, you must Consider the security they offer to store your things. Between the Factors that you are going to take into account in this topic are: secure locks with padlocks, digital surveillance with security cameras, the presence of personnel surveillance 24 hours a day, especially at night, alarms individual security, multi-risk insurance. All these are some of the aspects to take into consideration, this way you can guarantee that the things and objects will be cared for and safe, also prevent any inconvenience in terms of security.
  • Prices: this is one of the factors most important, it will depend on choosing the best storage room that fits your budget. What you should consider in this aspect is the cost per square meter, that is, remember that There is a lot of difference between the square meters of a home and those of a useful construction. So, check that the price offered for the size Corridors and surrounding areas are not included. Likewise, Consider your budget with the prices of the different storage rooms, opt for the one that fits both your needs and the money you are going to have for it.

The The way in which the rental of storage rooms in Madrid works is very simple. You just have to find a center that is close to your home or communicated and that offers guarantees of security and protection of your possessions, as well as correct customer service and trust. In Eurotrasteros tea We offer three centers in Madrid capital and one in Alcobendas.

And now... where to store the Christmas decorations?

And now... where to store the Christmas decorations?

That's it. Mid-January, Christmas has already passed and still you have not removed the tree and the Bethlehem. And how beautiful everything is when the Christmas and how heavy the moment of pick, pack and return to save until next year. You struggle between nostalgia for those such beautiful days that have passed and the horror of continuing to see the decorations of Christmas at home when they no longer make sense.

In Eurotrasteros not us we get tired of telling you that the solution is a rent a cheap storage room so that These situations do not overcome you. Furthermore, we are going to give you some tips to help you get your house back to be what it was before Christmas.

Solutions for storing Christmas decorations

Don't have anywhere to store your decorations? Maybe they are your first Christmas and you still haven't realized that the Christmas tree is beautiful in your living room, but then you have to put it away. Luckily there are solutions, including rent a storage room in Madrid, close to home, where you can store it. And since it you have, do not use it only for Christmas decorations, but for keep everything you don't need at home and It takes up space.

Collect all the decorations The same day

This is important because the laziness caused by the task of collecting Added to this is that if you pick up each ornament on different days, it is more likely that something will be lost or damaged. lack of foresight makes you undo the previous day's work due to a bad distribution in the storage room. Think that Yeah you collect the decorations in an orderly manner, next year it will be easier for you access it.

Use boxes and bags resistant

Los Christmas decorations and the tree usually come in boxes when we buy them. Inside them they are perfectly placed millimeter, which makes it practically impossible to store them the same again.

We recommend that you buy some cardboard or plastic boxes resistant and of different sizes. Within them you can save all the Christmas decoration, indicating on the outside the contents of the box for, thus, a Once you have them stored in your storage room, at a glance you can know if Inside is the tree, the balls, crowns, etc.

It is important that these boxes are solid and resistant so that allows you to stack them without problems and be able to leverage even more space in your storage room.

Be careful with the lights!

We usually wind the tree lights incorrectly, which which causes the bulbs, in many cases, to collide and break or the cable bend making this set of lights unusable for next year. A good one option is roll up the light fixture in a cardboard sheet and make small cuts on the sides of the cardboard to fit the wiring and thus prevent they can move.

Properly store each ornament

As you may have seen, the beauty of Christmas decorations It is only comparable to its fragility. Very carefully, wrap in paper bubble those elements that can hit each other and break. In If you don't have bubble wrap, you can use kitchen towels. old or newspaper.

It is very important that in the boxes you place on the bottom those who are heavier, leaving at the top the most delicate As a recommendation, put in a separate box all the ones that are glass or helmet and specifies that the box is fragile.

You've already done the hardest thing. Now that you have removed the Christmas decoration, you just have to take out your usual decoration again, that you may have saved it in your storage room for rent so that it doesn't take up space in your house. And, without realizing it, you Home will be what it was before Christmas!

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