How to organize a storage room perfectly

How to organize a storage room perfectly

Each time we have the smallest house and we keep more objects in urban storage rooms. In these spaces we have the temptation to leave things in the first place we see, and that causes disorder and not taking full advantage of the place. But don't worry, continuation, We bring you some tips on how to organize a storage room and make the most of your ability. Take note. In Eurotrasteros we are specialists in these spaces, since we have four centers of storage rooms for rent in Madrid.

Organizing a storage room well is something very simple

The fact of having this space well organized will allow move more easily inside and you will be able to find your objects more easily. With these ideas you will be able to keep your storage room for rent:

  • Modular storage. One of the ideas for organizing a storage room is opt for boxes, shelves or shelves. They help you organize the space in your storage room. You too We advise that all boxes be labeled with the contents, and thus You will find what you are looking for quickly. On the shelves or boxes in the back Put away the objects that you will use less frequently and put those that you will use in front. the more you will use. Our storage rooms for rent in Madridthey count with shelves and different furniture, so you can store all kinds of belongings. So now you will know how to organize a storage room with shelves.
  • Take care of your textile. The most suitable for store clothes in a storage room is to use specialized boxes for it. This way you will keep the clothes in perfect condition. While for dresses, coats or suits You can opt for closet boxes.
  • Each object in an area. Put the boxes with clothes in one place, in another the shoes, in another the electronic objects, the material sports in another… Distribute things with a logical order.
  • Dismantle the furniture. Can disassemble the furniture so that they are more organized and take up less space. It is important that they have good packaging, such as bubble wrap.
  • Drawers. Can include drawers on the shelves to store smaller items (tools, screws, personal belongings...).
  • Sport equipment. The material should not be left in the middle sports, since it takes up a lot of space. For example, for put away the bike you can install a horizontal hook on the wall, and the same for the material water or skis and snowboards.
  • Take advantage of all the spaces. In a storage room you have to take advantage of every one of the spaces either with boxes, wall hooks, cabinets, shelves, There are different sizes and dimensions of each of them.
  • Select what is useful and what is not. On many occasions we store in a storage objects that no longer have any function or that you have stopped using. To get rid of these things, HE They can give to a family member or friend who knows how to use them more. So you can free up space in the storage room to store more things from your home, and have your minimalist home ordered.
  • Inventory. Make an inventory and map that includes the content of all the boxes and corners of the storage room. With this idea you will have everything better located.

Now that you know how to organize a storage room easy and fast way, you only have to enter our website to reserve the storage room what do you need. We offer spaces of the size you need, from 1 up to 120 m2. This way you will only pay for the square meters you want to use.

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