Security in rental storage rooms, are they safe?

Security in rental storage rooms, are they safe?

Previously, in the storage rooms we used to save old furniture, seasonal clothes, or some object that we no longer used; but now the storage rooms have become a space in which we store items of greater economic value such as sports equipment and clothing. (skis, snowboards, bicycles or watersports). Which has caused thefts in storage rooms to increase in recent years. Therefore, more and more we ask ourselves the question, Are rental storage rooms safe?

Security measures in rental storage rooms

Lo first we look at rent a storage room is that it has the necessary size to store our dependencies, that has comfortable access and a good location. But it is also important that you have enough security measures to rest easy when we keep all our objects there as we have in Eurotrasteros. Therefore, the installation must have high security measures such as:

  • Fire detection systems and a firebreak structure to prevent any spread. The different storage centers must have detection systems for fire that activate sprinklers to put out any fire instantly.
  • Surveillance 24 hours a day, 365 days a week. The cameras must be recording the 24 hours a day so that nothing escapes, including recording perimeters and blind corners of the building to prevent any illegal access to the installations. Ensure the security of user dependencies.
  • Storage rooms must have a theft surveillance system. In order to detect the presence of any movement, recorded at all times.
  • Double access control. A first to enter the premises from the street and a second control to access the warehouse where the storage rooms are located.

Advantages of renting storage rooms

In Madrid We live more and more in small homes, which causes one of the biggest problems we face to be lack of space. Where do we put all those boxes full of clothes or some furniture that no longer fits in the house? For this, renting a storage room Is the best solution. You just have to look for a center that offers security guarantees, a good location and flexible hours.

Eurotrasteros has three storage rental centers in Madrid capital. Storage rooms on Alcalá street, in ambassadors and in the area of Beautiful valley, strategic locations and easy access. In addition, it also offers you storage room rental in Alcobendas, a location highly sought after by companies.

Con Eurotrasteros you can earn meters in house, eliminating everything that you do not need throughout the year, such as winter clothing, certain furniture, collection of magazines or objects that simply take up a lot of your home. AND with the security guarantee that we offer in Eurotrasteros.

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