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Finding a good place to store our belongings and knowing that they are safe is complicated. More and more people are choosing to rent a storage room to be able to store things that no longer fit at home, It is an increasingly demanded alternative, and at Eurotrasteros we offer you the best storage rooms for individuals so that you can store everything you no longer need.

On many occasions, people are overwhelmed and do not know what to do with so many things at home, that is the moment in which the solution is to rent a storage room. You have to search well calculate well the space we need and make sure that our things are going to be safe.

Rental of storage rooms in Madrid for individuals

What can I do with:

  • The piles of books that I have accumulated
  • All my furniture, clothes and other objects, while the new apartment is delivered to me.
  • Skis and wind-surfing boards.
  • The bikes that I only use in summer.
  • The furniture in my mother's house…?

How to choose the storage room for individuals that you need?

It is necessary to take into account a series of recommendations for choosing the company and storage room you need.

  • The most important is the use that you are going to give to the storage room. Depending on whether you are going to bring and leave things frequently, or if you are going to come rarely, you should choose accessible storage rooms. If you are not going to go often, the best are storage rooms on the mezzanine. At Eurotrasteros, our staff will guide you to choose the best one for you.
  • Depends on where you live and how you access, The choice of the location of the storage room is essential. At Eurotrasteros we offer you storage rooms both in the center of Madrid and on the outskirts, so you can choose the one that suits you.
  • The size of the storage room that you should choose is one of the aspects in which 80% of customers are wrong, at Eurotrasteros our staff will help you to get it right. You always need less meters than you imagine.

At Eurotrasteros we offer you wide variety of sizes of storage rooms for individualsYou just have to choose the one that best suits your needs. With us you will pay for the square meters you want to use and, whenever you need it, you can expand the space. Make your life easier and keep all your things in a safe place with Eurotrasteros.

Why Eurotrasteros?

we offer you spaces singles of the size you need, from 1 to 120m2 and, if necessary, any other measure, to those who only you has access.


Spaces protected by the highest security measures 24 hours a day and equipped with fire detection and extinguishing systems.

Wide Hours

You can come and go from our facilities from 9 in the morning to 8 in the afternoon.

Customer Parking

They have a parking lot for customers to facilitate loading and unloading.

Independent cabins

With easy access and in a clean and dry environment.

Our storage rooms in Madrid

Storage rooms in Calle Alcalá

Cheap storage room rental in Madrid. Boxes of all sizes from one meter to eleven square meters with flexible contracting of space depending on your needs. We can add square meters to your contract using the combination of different boxes.

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Storage rooms in Alcobendas

Boxes of all sizes from one meter to eight square meters. These can be rented in a combined way, adapting to the storage needs of our clients. With our mobile storage rooms. You can rent spaces from €24/month VAT included.

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Storage rooms in Embajadores

Very close to the Plaza del Emperador Carlos V in Madrid. Rental of cheap storage rooms of all sizes from one meter to forty square meters. Possibility of combining several boxes in the same contract. From €24/month VAT included. If you are interested, you can ask about our mobile storage room.

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Storage rooms in Vallehermoso

Rental of storage rooms in Madrid Urban Center. Located in the heart of the Chamberí neighborhood, the central Eurotrasteros warehouse has storage rooms for rent from 1 to 12 m2, being able to combine several of them in the same contract to adapt to your needs. From €24/month VAT included.

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