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Tips to have the best Rental Storage Room

If you need space, We have the perfect storage room for rent in Madrid for you!

storage room rental in madrid

Save money on the rental of the storage room, you need less size than you think

At Eurotrasteros we have the right solution

If you are still not sure how much space you need for your rental storage room, use our calculator. You can also contact our team and they will advise you on everything you need.

Rental of storage rooms in Madrid with Eurotrasteros

It is important to choose the company where to rent your storage room and whatTake into account the prices, the day the payment is made or the hidden increases that there may be. At Eurotrasteros we know that it is important to help customers and we provide personalized advice so that they can rent the storage room they really need.

Recommendations for renting a storage room in Madrid

At Eurotrasteros we like to be clear and helping our customers is our priority, so we want to tell you what the Main recommendations that must be taken into account when renting a storage room.

  • confusing price. Many companies that offer this service offer prices for 4 weeks instead of doing it for a month. Because of this, if we compare prices, we must be careful when doing so and follow a rule of three (28 days is at price A/as 31 days is at price B). Although it seems that you pay less over time, every 10 months they charge you 2 times in the same month. But you do not have to wait to see the deception, since every month they charge you before.
  • The day of collection the day of the contract. In order to hide the mess explained in the previous point, what other companies do is invoice the day of the month that you enter, instead of sending you an invoice at the beginning of the month, which is how we do it in Eurotrasteros, and it is the moment in which that you have collected and more money you have in the account.
  • non-permanent contract. Another of the tricks that these companies do is that, when you arrive, you enter at a low price and over time they raise it. But we are not talking about the increase in the annual CPI, which is logical to do, but rather that they do it gradually, without warning you, until you can stand it. Normally, due to the laziness of making the move or for not reviewing the price of what they charge you every month, many clients end up tolerating it.

At Eurotrasteros we assure you that the rental price of the storage room will be clear from the first day until when you decide to stop using the service, there are no deceptions.

Whether you are a company or a professional as if you need store your personal belongings, At Eurotrasteros we have storage rooms for rent in Madrid for all needs. Get in touch with us so we can help you and advise you.

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