Where to store children's toys?

Where to store children's toys?

When we have little space, organization and order become essential to make the most of every corner and prevent the house from falling on us. Exactly the same thing happens with our children's toys, and without knowing how, more than once they end up piling up uncontrollably and we ask ourselves the question of where to store the toys. In these cases, having a storage room for rent It can save us from more than one headache.

As children grow, their clothes, accessories and toys accumulate at home without any type of organization. But what to do with them? Next, we tell you why you should put away children's toys children in a storage room, what you should keep and what to throw away and, also, the best tips for organizing them.

Depending on the number of toys you want to store and their size, it will be enough rent a small space or you will have to rent a larger space that allow you to store larger toys such as typical strollers or children's first bicycles. In Eurotrasteros We make that step easy for you with our space calculator, an intuitive and easy system that will allow you to quickly know the size of your storage room for rent.

Next, we give you a few small organization guidelines so you know how to structure the process and everything is much easier and more bearable.

Tips to optimize space when storing toys

1. Keep only what is worth it

To begin an in-depth organization task, we must first make an inventory with all the things we have and discard what does not work. But don't throw it all away! Surely more than one toy is in good condition and can be given a second life. Donating toys that are no longer used is a good practice so that, in addition to saving space at home, your children learn to share.

2. Reserve a special place for toys

Once we have selected everything that is going to be kept, we must prepare a special area for all those toys. The perfect place for toys is a place where they can be kept well and where they are not affected by humidity, dust or changes in temperature, since cold and heat can be just as harmful, a place that you can easily access and where you can find them easily and they do not take up more space than necessary. Therefore, a storage room for rent in the center of Madrid It is the ideal space for them.

3. Classify and identify

After having saved them, the best option is to classify them by categories and even put labels on the outside, so they can be identified more easily and quickly when looking for a specific one. When placing them, it is not convenient to store the boxes on top of each other since the weight could spoil the box and with it, the toys. And in addition to placing them in boxes, you can also place them on shelves and place a type of toys on each shelf according to the classification that you have previously chosen.

Decide on one storage room for rent, add up all these tips and you will see how you manage to order the toys without complications.

Prepare your home for the arrival of the cold

Prepare your home for the arrival of the cold

The first snows have already covered the main towns in the mountains and that is an unequivocal sign that the cold is here to stay. And with him, our homes need to prepare for the drop in temperatures and the arrival of the new season, colder and with inclement weather that will make heaters, blankets and socks our new daily life. That is why in this article we want to give you the best tips to prepare the house for winter.

It is in cases like this when the rental of a storage room becomes a great ally. During the warmer months, blankets, duvets, warm clothing and other belongings typical of the winter season have been properly stored in the storage room and it is time to bring them out into the light.

Tips to prepare the house for the winter

In Eurotrasteros we recommend the following tips so that the arrival of low temperatures does not turn your house upside down. Preparing the house for winter is something we should all do, we make it easier with these tricks.

  • It's time to get your rugs out of the storage room. During these months, have a storage room for rent in the center of Madrid I'm sure it has been great for keeping the rugs stored and organized, since in summer it is customary in many homes to remove the rugs to make the house cooler in the hottest months. However, The time has come to show them off and make your home acquire that warmth that only carpets can give. In addition, they also insulate against the cold and contribute to the creation of more comfortable environments.
  • Make the wardrobe change. We know, it is one of the worst-known tasks in the home. And going through the trouble of picking up all the clothes and even worse, looking for a place to store them, is not pleasant. At Eurotrasteros we have storage rooms for rent in various locations in Madrid, being able to choose the square meters you need and, therefore, making your storage task easier. Plan the space before changing clothes so that everything goes much faster and more bearable.
  • check the heating. Having not used the heating during the summer, it may require some maintenance and adaptation work to return to full operation during the autumn and winter months. If necessary, turn to a specialized company that guarantees that everything is in perfect condition.
  • It's not just about taking out your winter belongings but, at the same time, it's a good idea to say goodbye to the heat. Go say goodbye to the fans and store them in your storage room for rent because you won't need them for the next few months.
  • Give way to natural light. You no longer need thick curtains to keep your home windows safe from the intense rays of the sun in summer, but just the opposite: make way for them to camp in our home in the central hours of the day. Also, to ensure that you retain as much heat as possible, about 10 minutes of airing the house will be enough. Of course: it will be necessary to ensure it well after everything is closed to avoid possible leaks and cold air currents.
  • Collect the garden or the terrace. As much as we love to live outdoors, the colder months require proper storage of garden furniture. Armchairs, tables, loungers and hammocks need adequate space, avoiding humidity and cold, so that the materials do not deteriorate. In these cases, having the extra space that gives you a storage room for rent like those offered by Eurotrasteros it's a great idea.
How to choose your storage room rental company?

How to choose your storage room rental company?

In recent years the companies of storage room rental in Madrid they have grown more than 50%. Until a few years ago they did not reach half a dozen and Today there are more than 100.

the way it works renting storage rooms in Madrid is very simple. You just have to find a center that is close to your home or workplace, that is well connected and that offers guarantees of security and protection of your possessions, as well as customer service correct and trustworthy client.

Eurotrasteros offers you three centers in Madrid capital. Storage rooms in the street alcala, in Embajadores and in the Vallehermoso area, locations strategic ones that will surely be easy to access. In addition, it also offers you rental of storage rooms in Alcobendas, a location highly sought after by companies.

In Eurotrasteros you will find everything you need to rent a storage room of confidence and being able to gain meters at home, eliminating everything that does not needs throughout the year, such as winter clothing, certain furniture, or objects that simply take up too much in your home.

Factors when renting a storage room in Madrid

When choosing which storage room rental company you should use, there are important factors that you should take into account and that many storage room rental companies ignore, which is why in Eurotrasteros we want to give you these recommendations for renting a storage room.

  • Price. It is a primary factor so don't be confused. Some multinationals and companies offer prices for 4 weeks (instead of a month). It is important to take this into account when compare storage room rental prices and make a rule of 3 (28 days is at price A/like 31 days is at price B).

The result is that it may seem that You pay less, but in the end you will end up paying more, why? Because every 10 months they will charge you twice for the same month.

  • Collection day in contract. Although at first glance it may seem like a factor secondary, something that is not usually taken into account is that many storage rental companies in Madrid They bill the day of the month you start. At Eurotrasteros we send you an invoice at the beginning of the month, regardless of what day you enter, to facilitate your payment.
  • Contract typology. It is important to review all the clauses of the contract to make sure of the price you are going to pay for your storage room for rent. Some companies use a price as a claim exceptionally low that progressively rise – beyond the rise CPI logic. In Eurotrasteros you will be assured of a clear price from day one to the day you decide to stop using the service.

These are just some of the Factors that are important to take into account when deciding on a company storage room rental in Madrid. And given the strong demand to which this sector is subject, in Eurotrasteros We recommend that you do not wait until the last minute to realize how necessary a storage room is in your home or business.

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