Take advantage of space in small rooms

Take advantage of space in small rooms

Las minimalist homes They are increasingly common in large cities due to the high price of apartments. Which means that every time we have to look for space in small rooms and take advantage of every space.

The problem is that in these rooms many times we do not have the space that we would like and it is difficult to have everything organized. There is always something in the way, you can't keep everything in one place... You feel like the house is too small. A good solution may be rent a storage room urban close to home, in Eurotrasteros We have different locations in various areas of Madrid.

Tips to get the most out of a small room

Below, we explain some tips to get the most out of a small room. So that the little space you have is enough to store your objects:

  • Order. In a tidy bedroom, no matter how small, it is always easier to find a place for all our belongings.. To keep all our things in order, it is key to have transparent boxes to store small objects, which are the ones that are always in the way. You can place the boxes on the desk, nightstand, closet, on top of a drawer...
  • Multifunctional furniture. One of the keys to taking advantage of space in small rooms is to choose furniture that has several functions. For example, a desk with drawers at the bottom to store study items or clothing accessories, such as socks, ties or belts. Another option is to buy a piece of furniture with a folding bed. This way you will only have the bed when you need it, allowing you to occupy that space with other things during the day. This option is especially valuable in small youth bedrooms.
  • Storage under the bed. The space under the bed is a space that is almost always wasted, you can choose to buy a bed with drawers underneath or a cheaper option like buying plastic boxes. With these options, out-of-season clothing, shoes and other bedding items such as sheets, duvets or blankets will be stored in this space. This is especially useful in small double bedrooms.
  • Shelves on the wall. Another space that can be used in the bedroom is the wall, where shelves can be hung. Here you can store books, movies, small boxes to store objects or any other accessories. It is advisable to install them at a certain height. These shelves can help even decorate a small room.
  • Give more use to the closet. In the closet you can store more things than clothes, They can be stored using boxes or shelves: shoes, small objects, bathroom items, electronic devices that you no longer use or accessories.
  • Storage room. Rent a storage room It can be a great solution to have more space than in a small bedroom. In Eurotrasteros We have several centers in Madrid, located in central areas of the capital, and well connected. You can save clothes It's not in season shoes, sports equipment, electronic devices or furniture.

Eurotrasteros it will permit you have more space and make better use of it in small rooms. Furthermore, in our centers you will pay only for the square meters you use, we adapt to your needs. You can reserve your storage room for rent in Madrid from your home.

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