Where to store water sports equipment?

Where to store water sports equipment?

If you are a fan of water sports, it is common that you do not have space in your home to store said sports equipment. It is a very common problem in small or minimalist homes that there are in big cities like Madrid.

A good option to solve this problem is rent a storage room in Madrid, so you can have space to store your favorite sport equipment and maintain the same free space at home. In Eurotrasteros we have different storage centers in various areas of Madrid, you just have to choose the one that is closest to you and reserve it.

Snorkeling, water skiing, canoeing, diving, windsurfing, canoeing, rowing, rafting, or sailing are some examples of water sports. AND To practice all these activities, large equipment is needed which are difficult to store in a home.

Buy or rent aquatic equipment?

To learn any water sport, the best option is always to take some first training classes, in which they give you all the necessary material for the practice. When you have learned enough, it is best to buy your own aquatic equipment, with which you will become familiar and adapt to your body.

How to store water sports equipment?

If you decide to buy aquatic instruments you should know, first of all, how to store it in the winter months when you use it less. Neoprene suits should be washed with a special product for this equipment and with fresh water before storage, this will dissolve traces of salt, preventing corrosion and oxidation of the fabric. The next thing is to dry it in the open air. And finally, in the storage room you have to hang it on a hanger so that no fold marks are left on it.

While Diving masks and fins must be stored completely dry. It is also advisable to add some newspaper to the fins to prevent them from deforming during storage.

On the other hand, surfboards also have to be washed with fresh water before storing them and using a case for protection. In the storage room they must always be stored horizontally to prevent them from falling.

A good option to store a canoe in a storage room and that does not take up much space es Buy wall brackets and some easels. This way the canoe will be horizontal and you can make any repairs to it without problems.

In Eurotrasteros You can store all your water sports equipment without complications, since we have security 365 days a year, to avoid any theft attempt. Easy and comfortable to use. They will be well preserved and you can access them any weekend.

And don't worry about the measurements of your material, we have large spaces where you can store boards, canoes or kayaks. At our space calculator you will be able to choose the perfect storage room for you and what you need at all times.

Our storage rooms are located in the center of Madrid, so forget about going to a polygon far from the city to get your equipment. You will be able to have your material at any time and close to your home. Now that you know how and where to store the material You no longer have an excuse not to practice water sports.

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