Carnivals are coming, do you know how to store your costumes well?

Carnivals are coming, do you know how to store your costumes well?

“Carnival, Carnival… “ Carnival is approaching and with it, the fun, the music and the party. In order not to clash, you will have to find a very original costume. Are you buying a new costume this year? If the same thing happens to you every year and you are forced to buy a new costume each time, is that you are not keeping your costumes correctly.

In Eurotrasteros We recommend that you keep them for a year to another in a storage room for rent, and we give you below the top Tips to make your costumes look like new!

If you enjoy these parties as if you were a child and you like the most elaborate costumes with the most accessories and volumes – the most striking – you should know that they are also the ones that require the most space when stored. Our recommendation is that you get he cheap storage room rental so as not to give up your most carnival hobbies.

How to keep your costumes in a storage room?

Keep the costumes always well washed

This step is essential. Carefully follow the instructions on the label and, above all, check if it should be washed by hand or if it can be washed in the washing machine to facilitate the process, the ideal temperature, how to dry it and whether it can be ironed.

Costumes are usually made from acrylic, polyester, or rayon materials and do not act the same. If you don't want to be surprised and have your adult costume come out of the washing machine turned into a children's costume, pay attention to the indications or take it to the dry cleaner.

Either way, the important thing is to keep the costumes always clean.

Find the best way to keep it

If it is possible to keep it perched, Maybe you should resort to closet boxes, or if you have a donkey-type coat rack in your storage room, you can always use special covers for suits to ensure that it is kept in perfect condition.

Before saving them try to find the neatest and most obvious way to separate them, because from one year to the next you will not remember how you divided them and you will end up going crazy.

For example, a good trick is to first separate the complete costumes with their respective accessories. Avoid bad odors and deterioration of clothing by using clothing bags instead of plastic bags.

Makeup and small accessories apart

Los small accessories must also be well protected. Use boxes to store the accessories for each costume and label them properly on the outside so that you know what accessories it contains and thus be able to locate them in a faster and more agile way.

Makeup needs to be stored very well in smaller boxes and away from sources of humidity. This will help you save a lot of money when you want to use them again the following year.

What do I do with the bulkiest accessories?

Of course, they also have their place in your storage room for rent. The amount of space you will save in your home! If these items are detachable, please try to separate them into pieces for better storage, if not, try to store them in resistant bags, for example, and place them in the highest part of your storage room so that they do not bother you the rest of the year.

If you follow these tips, year after year you will find your costumes in perfect condition and, not only that, the Search for carnival attire will be orderly and quick.

That being said, hurry up and and a tu storage room for rent Let's see what costume you want to wear this year. Welcome to Carnival!

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