Redecorating your house, what to do with the leftover furniture?

Redecorating your house, what to do with the leftover furniture?

You have returned from Christmas and your house seems boring and monotonous. after the holidays. We must find a solution and convert it into a space in which you feel comfortable. However, the holidays have left you a small hole in your pocket and you want to change the decoration of your home without spend a lot of money, so let your imagination fly, add some creativity and you will have the ideal recipe to redecorate your home.

Write down the secret to redecorate your home: rent a cheap storage room. And it is one thing to visualize how your home will look after small renovations and another, the logistics of changing and storing furniture, etc. It will be really useful for you to have a storage room near your house where you can safely store furniture that you are not going to use at the moment.

What to do when a piece of furniture no longer fits in your home?

When faced with this doubt, you should stop to evaluate certain circumstances: No Are you ever going to use that piece of furniture again, or is it circumstantial? You can get another use out of the furniture? Do you want to keep it or, on the contrary, do you would you like to get rid of it?

Based on these questions, in Eurotrasteros we have found the solution.

  • If you decide that you want to keep that piece of furniture, but it has no place, As we have already mentioned, in your home, it It is better that you use spaces where you can store them, such as a storage room. Is It is important that you find one with facilities when loading and unloading and that guarantees you a series of security measures. Please note that it is very Your peace of mind is important while you place this furniture there.
  • If you decide to get rid of them, today there are countless associations that take care of them, they even come to pick them up at your home. So, you can give them a longer useful life for your furniture and help those who they need it most so that they can take advantage of the furniture that you no longer want.

The most important, Whether you change the furniture or not for whatever reason, it is that you are comfortable in your home., and that, if you decide to save them, you have the peace of mind that they are in a safe place, where you can relive all the stories related to them every time you go there. That is why we recommend renting a storage room so that, at any time, you can use them as you wish. Redecorating your house doesn't have to be an ordeal, we can help you with our advice.

5 tips for brand new home by redecorating

Now that we have seen what to do with those pieces of furniture that don't fit in our new decoration plan, let's see what cheap and fast ways you can give your home a twist.

  1. Textiles. A basic for any decorator. This is the most economical way to turn your house around. Change cushion covers, bed textiles or tablecloths and rugs and you will see how your home looks different almost instantly!
  2. Plants. And it's splashing Greening your house will not only make it fresher and more ecological, but also your rooms. They will evolve quickly.
  3. Paint. Here we are already getting into a little more budget but if you want Make your house look different, a color change will be a sure facelift. No forget to have a storage room in rent spacious enough to temporarily store all your belongings while you paint.
  4. a second life. Surely there will be furniture that doesn't fit you but... what if you give them a new life by restoring them or changing their color?
  5. Mirrors. The trick of the best interior designers. If you like visually expand a room, don't hesitate, place a mirror strategically and you will see what a difference.

You've seen? Redecorating your home does not have to become a problem for you. Be clear that with the rental of a storage room This process will be a breeze.

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