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If you have already chosen the storage room you need or want to resolve any questions, You can contact Eurotrasteros so we can help you with everything you need and reserve your storage room with us.

With Eurotrasteros you can rent the storage room you need, adjusting the space to what you want to store in it. Thanks to our space calculator and the help of our professionals, your choice will be the right one. Reserve your storage room and discover everything we offer you.

We are present in Madrid capital and in Alcobendas, where we have our storage centers. In each one of them, our team of professionals will assist you and answer all your questions. Don't wait any longer, contact Eurotrasteros and find the storage room you have always been looking for, with us you will find it.

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Call us free 900 121 222 or let us help you

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    Find your storage room at:

    • Calle de Vallehermoso, 59, 28015 Madrid
    • Calle Alcala 288, 28027 Madrid
    • Calleambasadors 199, 28045 Madrid
    • Calle de los Aragoneses, 7, 28108 Alcobendas, Madrid

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