Storage rooms in Madrid. Find the best one for you

Storage rooms in Madrid. Find the best one for you

We know how important it is for you to find the storage room for rent closest to you home or office to maximize the use you are going to give it. That's why in Eurotrasteros we put at your disposal four centers in Madrid, why choose your storage room in Madrid be a piece of cake.

In Eurotrasteros tea We offer three centers in the most central areas of Madrid: Beautiful valley, called Alcalá and Embajadores as well as a fourth center in Alcobendas, very good located in a business location for those who need a storage room for professionals.

Our centers are monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They have a fire and intrusion alarm connected to an alarm and fire center and the best security measures for your total peace of mind.

Furthermore, all centers of Eurotrasteros are attached to the Last Mile network, which in addition to providing logistics services throughout the country, can provide you with discounts on your fixed expenses.

Cheap storage rooms in calle Alcalá

The center of Eurotrasteros in Alcalá street It is strategically located between the Ventas and Quintana neighborhoods, also perfectly connected by metro (Quintana) and bus (line 38).

in our center you can rent a storage room in calle Alcalá from 1 m² and up to 11 m², with the possibility of hiring the space you need, depending on your needs.

Eurotrasteros Alcalá It has convenient access for cars, small trucks and vans that are used as a loading and unloading area from where they can use mechanical lifting means, if necessary, to access your storage room. In addition, this center has a permanent warehouse worker to Support in loading and unloading tasks.

with a wide Business hours from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.At Eurotrasteros Alcalá we provide you with solutions to your storage and packaging needs.

Rental of storage rooms in Embajadores street

In Eurotrasteros We have a central space for storage rooms for rent in Embajadores, very close to the roundabout of Emperor Charles V, in Madrid. Excellently connected by metro (Legazpi) and several bus lines and with direct access from the M-30.

It has two comfortable accesses for small trucks and vans where loading and unloading can be carried out. And it also has permanent personalized attention during business hours as well as help with the packaging material you need.

At Embajadores we offer you cheap storage room rentals of all sizes, from 1 m² to 40 m². Even You can combine several storage rooms in the same contract for larger surfaces.

In this center we also have the Possibility of renting offices and commercial premises at street level, from 10 m² to 180 m².

Storage rooms in Chamberí

In our center Beautiful valley we offer you the storage rooms for rent in Chamberí, in the heart of Madrid.

It's perfectly connected by metro (Canal station) and bus (line 2), in addition to having free rotating parking for the center's customers, where you can comfortably load and unload. Despite being very central, it has good access for small trucks and vans.

The Vallehermoso warehouse has storage rooms for rent in Madrid center from 1 m² to 12 m².

Storage rooms for rent in Alcobendas

The center of Euro storage rooms in Alcobendas is the ideal solution for your company. There you can rent a storage room in Alcobendas from 1 m² to 11 m², of all sizes, with the possibility of hiring more space depending on your needs. You can add square meters to your contract by combining different mini-warehouses, helping you organize merchandise or goods by different criteria.

The center of Alcobendas is located in a business area and It has access for cars, small trucks and vans which is also used as a loading and unloading area. From that same place you can use the mechanical lifting means to help you access your storage room.

What use will you give to your storage room at Christmas?

What use will you give to your storage room at Christmas?

The holidays are coming and, with them, space problems. Because yes, Christmas takes place. During Christmas everything becomes a maelstrom that absorbs us: shopping, dinners, meals or family visits. Find out how a storage room can help you at Christmas.

Before chaos invades our home or office with folders, boxes, gifts, Christmas decorations or family members who visit, we propose a solution with multiple advantages to save you Headaches: and storage room in The center of madrid.

Since everything becomes a little different these days, a storage room can help you organize better since it can be used to store many things, even storage for Their Majesties the Three Wise Men.

You want to know how can help you rent a storage room in Madrid this Christmas? Keep reading!

Uses of a storage room in Christmas

First of all, all the things at home that you have to remove during these days to put up the tree and the rest of the Christmas decorations, Where are they going to be better than in your storage room? It's better than at home make good use of space with things that you are going to use most on a daily basis and store the rest well in boxes in your storage room.

If you have many guests at home and you have large dinners or meals You will need many chairs. Maybe more than you usually have at home. So that, nothing better than having a few folding chairs in your storage room that can save you from more than one trouble. Surely you don't want your guests dine standing up, right? Many relatives also come from abroad and may stay a few days at your house.

Don't let purchases and other items take up space (and comfort) in your own home and bet for a storage room as a resource to relieve that room full of boxes, unused furniture and other objects.

A storage room is also the best place to store gifts. Christmas. When you have to give a surprise at Christmas or for Valentine's Day Kings, keeping gifts at home can be a bad idea if the person to whom that we want to surprise is very curious and has access to all the corners of the house. That's why, Nothing better to have these gifts kept in as safe a place as can be your storage room. In addition, it can serve as a collection point for online orders. Forget about being at home or in the office waiting for your orders to arrive. gifts you have ordered.

Rent a storage room It can help you fulfill your New Year's resolution of having a bigger house. ordered. You don't start the year on the right foot if you don't fulfill your goals. we mark ourselves. An easy one to accomplish is to have our house more organized. Nothing better to free up space than to save all those objects that you do not use much in a storage room near home, So When you need them again you have them on hand.

During the Christmas holidays it will also help you save valuable items. If you are one of the adventurers who, for these dates, choose to go to discover the world, but it stops you from where to leave the valuables you you have at home, the solution is easy: you can leave it in your storage room for rent in Madrid that has all the necessary security for your belongings to be safe. collection.

These are just some ideas to get the most out of a storage room at Christmas, but you will see for yourself that a storage room is the solution to all problems of space and storage that you can have in your house throughout the year in general.

Unmistakable signs that you need a storage room

Unmistakable signs that you need a storage room

There are moments or stages in our lives that, Although it may seem like you don't need a storage room, the truth is that you do.. You will believe that the space at home is more or less enough for you to be able to store your things and have a more or less habitable home. However, as soon as you consider the possibility of rent a storage room You will realize that it was more than necessary.

If you make a move, if you do any renovations in our house or If you rent the room that you used as a storage room… the time will come when a storage space as a storage room for rent It will be more than necessary, essential.

In the last five years the number of people who demand storage rooms in Madrid has increased as foam them. People who run out of space in their homes or simply who house never had enough space to store all his objects. By other side, more and more companies that use the storage rooms to continue growing.

When do you know if you need rent a storage room?

Next we present you unequivocal signs that you urgently need a storage room.

  • If you are going to make a move. When you move, you may need a temporary space to store various furniture or appliances until you find their final location or perhaps sell them on a second-hand web platform.
  • If you love clothes and they don't fit at home. If changing your wardrobe is an ordeal for you because you have your clothes stored in every corner of the house because you don't have enough space, a storage room will help you. You can place folded clothes in boxes and have racks inside the storage room where you can put hung clothes in covers. Now, to change your wardrobe, you will only need to go to the storage room to get the boxes you want and leave the boxes of clothes from the previous season.
  • A baby is on the way. If a new family member is on the way, you'll need space in your home. A prepared room and space for strollers and more. Don't worry, you don't have to leave home or sell everything online. You always can rent a storage room to store everything you don't need in it and thus have space for what comes your way. Then you'll think about what to do.
  • You have children, and your children have many things. You won't know where to put their toys, their clothes and all the things that surround your children's cosmos. Get all that out of your house! Keep only the things you need regularly or on a daily basis. The rest can go to your storage room and won't get in your way there.
  • You are passionate about Christmas and you invest a lot in Christmas decorations. You may have noticed how difficult it is to store everything at home, especially compared to how little time it is used. Surely during Christmas, when everything is placed outside you think about the available space you have in the closets. But don't be fooled, that space is reserved to put back everything that is outside. Unless you finally decide to rent a storage room and be able to enjoy all that space to store your things.
  • you are a sports lover and you don't know where to store your equipment. The skis, the diving equipment, the snowshoes... Do you really think that all of that can be stored in your house? In addition to taking up a lot of space, all your sports equipment will be much more protected in a storage room.
  • you are a compulsive traveler. There are many people who take a season in their life to travel and can spend more than a year traveling. For this type of people, renting a storage room is a peace of mind since they can go out to travel without worrying in the slightest about their belongings.
  • you are autonomous and your house doesn't fit the tools. You can have extra storage space in your storage room. In addition, you can install some shelves and have everything properly placed so that you can access your work tools quickly and safely.
  • you have a motorcycle, a jet ski or any other medium-sized vehicle. The storage rooms it offers you Eurotrasteros They are ideal for storing all these motor vehicles in your storage room and not worrying.

Do you fit any of these profiles? So, even if you didn't know it yet... You need a storage room in your life!

How to store books well without dying trying?

How to store books well without dying trying?

Although they say that paper is dead, for some books will never go out of style. If you are one of those who like to physically own and collect books, you will identify with this post. There comes a point where bringing a new book home is a difficult decision: either find a place to put it or decide which of the ancients is sacrificed. Rent a storage room For this purpose it may not have been one of your priorities, but we assure you that when you read to the end this post about how to organize your books in a storage room, you will have changed your mind.

Reasons to store books in a storage room

There is no greater reason than order. And reading lovers usually have their houses turned upside down, using every last hidden space available to store books. And this is usually done haphazardly. The books are not organized, they do not follow a coherent storage system and looking for one of them later becomes a real gymkhana.

keep your house clear is a reason important enough to take the decision of rent a storage room. If we also pay attention to the guru's recommendations Japanese order, Marie Kondo, one of the golden rules to maintain a clear house is not having more than 30 books at home. Sacrilege! you will think. But ultimately, it is an important step to become aware of what we have at home since only then do our things have value and we know what it is really important for us.

Another reason for Storing your books in a storage room is having all of them in one place, by hand, and even organized by theme (although this is for law enforcement professionals!).

How to store your books in a storage room?

Although we could dedicate a longer post just to this point, let's give you some brush strokes on storage of books in a storage room. You have two options: save the copies in boxes or create your own library.

Both options are valid if you have a storage room for rent. You just have to decide which of them best suits your needs.. If you are aware that certain books are not going to be consulted for a while, it is almost better that you opt for the storage option in boxes.

If, on the other hand, reading is your passion and you devour books almost daily, creating a small (or large) library in your storage room will be a great idea. Use shelves where you can place your collection in plain sight. It will be easier and more comfortable for continuous use.

Although the saying goes: “Knowledge does not take place”, the reality is that knowledge takes up a lot of physical space! But don't worry, you've already seen that through a storage room for rent You will be able to continue maintaining your love of reading without any problem.

Back to school with a storage room

Back to school with a storage room

Summer comes to an end and with it, the return to school and routine. This is an ideal moment to analyze the space we have in House and see if we need a place extra storage. If so, we recommend that you look for solutions storage like urban storage rooms.

He storage room rental in Madrid It is the order of the day and it is the solution to many problems of space that we find ourselves in moments like returning from vacation, where we do not We have no choice but to find site to store many things that are probably not going to be used until within a year.

Next weekend the pools will close and with it, will arrive the time to save all the props summer: chairs, beach towels, picnic cooler, inflatable unicorn, hammocks, umbrellas and all kinds of beach gadgets. To that add the bicycles, tent, diving equipment... Do you really plan to put everything that at home?

If you don't know the space you will need to store all your things, don't worry, in Eurotrasteros we have a service space calculator through which, quickly and easily, we will indicate to you what is the best storage solution for you and your family.

Your summer belongings well kept until next year

Just as important as finding a place to store everything is how to store it. Therefore, we give you some trucos to organize back to school in your storage room be a comfortable and quick task.

  • Clean everything before putting it away. Although it sounds obvious, many people do not do it and saving items with remains of beach sand or saltpeter can make the surprise of recovering them next summer great.
  • Use covers. If you keep the hammocks or umbrella in covers, in addition to being more protected, their storage will be more comfortable.
  • Save by sections. This way, if you need to recover something before summer (at Easter or a long weekend), it will be more accessible and much easier.

And you, how do you store all your things after the summer?

Summer, time for home renovations

Summer, time for home renovations

The months of July and August are favorable months to carry out those home renovations that we have been postponing for so long at home. From small arrangements to large works of comprehensive reforms, the summer months are usually the time chosen by the vast majority of Spaniards to redecorate their home.

The good weather and above all, the more leisure time They make summer the ideal time to consider a renovation.

However, there are certain limitations when carrying out a reform work at home if we choose the summer months. In August, some warehouses are usually closed for holidays so the delivery of materials may be delayed. Likewise, contractors and city hall staff to issue licenses may be on break, thus slowing down the process.

Be that as it may, if we have decided to continue with our reform work we will surely need a space to temporarily store furniture and belongings so that they do not get stained, so that they do not take up space and, ultimately, so that they can reform comfortably. In that circumstance, rent a storage room It can be very opportune.

Storage rooms to expedite your reform

If you live in Madrid, you can rent a storage room in Madrid center in a way easy and fast. With only three clicks, you will have reserved your storage room. In the same way, we have solutions self storage in others locations like Alcobendas.

We know that the added stress of undertaking A renovation at home is accompanied by the worry of what to do with all your things lie so much. That's why, count on a storage room where you can safely and comfortably store all your belongings while you carry out the setup of your home is a good solution.

For your renovation project to be a success, the key is in the planning. If before starting you have everything tied up, you know what you want to do and how far you can go with your budget, you will save money, time and many unforeseen events. If in this planning you include what to do with your furniture, decorative objects and belongings during the time the renovation lasts, your project will go swimmingly.

Don't think twice, if you still had any doubts about whether to do a home renovation, go ahead!

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